Que Bajo Subiendo

Dutty Artz family members Geko Jones and Uproot Andy have been a force to reckon with in New York’s club scene for years, with their monthly Latin, Afro, Caribbean Remix party – Que Bajo. But recently they’ve started to step out of the late night shadows and on to the stage – literally with their participation in Red Bull’s Culture Clash (an event that illustrated how corporate money can attract a shit load of press - NY Times, Vibe, and the QB-friendly MTV Iggy), and figuratively with the creation of Que Bajo Records.

Check out Andy’s great preview mix of upcoming releases – Worldwide Ting here:

And the dubplate – Fuego/Ashawo – finale of Que Bajo’s final round (cause you know, “Africans are immigrants too!”):


Let this post just serve as a warning for an impending global take over.

In related news, watch out for the official debut release by Geko Jones on Dutty Artz in June. He partnered with Adam “Atropolis” Partridge to curate and provide his own remixes for our Palenque Records Remixed Compilation. Other remixers on the project include Matt Shadetek, Captain Planet, Thornato, Rafi El, and myself. The Palenque Records Soundsystem will debut at Williamsburg’s Northside Festival on June 15th, more details soon to come!