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“Lee Perry’s ‘Blackboard Jungle: From Dub to Dubstep'”

A mini documentary featuring Lee Scratch Perry, Subatomic Sound System, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Dubblestandart (plus interview footage with Rusko and live clips of Jahdan with Major Lazer)

1973, Jamaica.  2009, to the world!  The story of the seminal dub album “Blackboard Jungle” from Lee Scratch Perry and King Tubby that was cornerstone of the dub music craze that would extend around the world.  In 2009 Vienna’s dub masters Dubblestandart called on Perry to revisit the vibes.  This collaboration stretched around the globe to involve New York City’s dub scientists Subatomic Sound System & rising reggae vocal talent Jahdan Blakkamoore, and resulted in the first ever original dubstep tunes from Lee Scratch Perry plus a journey back into the Blackboard Jungle!


  1. I remember hearing that Perry sold copies of the record when it first came out for like 200 dollars and only to the elite folks in London. Actually I think I read that on the back of my copy. What a fascist! hehehehe

  2. @Dave Quam Great story. Which release was Perry hocking? I heard the first pressing was only released in JA, but there were a lot additional pressings after that. What’s the art like on your copy? Is it one of the covers featured in the vid?

  3. this is what it says on the back of my Earkmark vinyl reissue:

    “There were only 200 copies pressed up of which Scratch brought 100 to the UK and these were sold only to those ‘in the know’ for £20 each [over £200 in today’s money] and reflected the cult of exclusivity that Sound Men who ran ‘Sounds’ were creating.”

    I was a bit wrong, but this story is actually a lot better than how I thought it went haha.

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