Midrange wobble hooligan Rusko breaks down some of his dubstep production methods on YouTube.  He goes through in a pretty detailed way talking about how to program the shuffled beats in dubstep, how to make wobble bass, how to mix beats and general production process stuff.  I like his music although I imagine there are a lot of dubstep people who will think he’s bastardizing the scene since the stuff he makes is very main-floor friday night mass appeal dubstep.  I like it although I think there will be a lot of people coming behind him trying to make ‘banging dubstep’ and making a lot of horrible music, like what happened with d’n’b after Ed Rush & Optical introduced the whole No U Turn techstep sound.  Regardless though, whatever style you’re making, if you’re trying to make powerful beat based music he is giving away a lot of good knowledge here.  Respect to him for pulling back the curtain.  Real producers who are confident in themselves don’t need to keep ‘production secrets’.

Part one:


Part two:


Part three:


Part four:

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  1. Point of convergence: You dated the end of d’n’b (as a vanguard music can I say?) at the wormhole album of Ed Rush and Optical ten years ago: since that, they stopped shaping the future… And d’n’b parties turn into techno parties (withey folks taking pills going to listen to repetitive sounds). God I miss the nineties jungle parties! Anyway, now we have tropical storms! Much better.
    PROPS TO THE NEW DADS! Peace from Paris

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