So I’ve been thinking a lot about cellphones lately. Portland’s Gulls just did an edit version of one of the tracks from ‘Music From Saharan Cellphones’ which I’ll be playing on the radio show tonight. Along with a Rita Indiana exclusive, new Stuff From Europe, tribal guarachero, superdeep cumbia rebajada, and, as always, more.

More is my favorite type of music, actually. Then comes 128kbps, one of my favorite musical genres. We are releasing a compilation called New York Tropical in a few weeks. Lots of new material by myself + Matt Shadetek, Lido Pimienta, DJ Orion, Kingdom remixing Rita Indiana, and more! You can download the entire album as ringtones (iPhone, etc) right now.

moral of the story: tune in to Mudd Up! 91.1fm nyc, 7-8pm TONITE.


Emsitka – autotune (Gulls edit)

In ‘Music From Saharan Cellphones’ the original tune is labeled ‘Niger – Autotune’. Chris from Sahelsounds has found out a bit more: the band is called Emsitka. They are indeed from Niger but live in Nigeria.

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