Shackleton – Mountains of Ashes
from Three EPs (Perlon, 2009)

I have been somewhat of a perennial fan of Shackleton’s music (I think the first tune I heard from him was “Majestic Visions“) but for some reason, over the years I never got around to posting anything from him or his now defunct Skull Disco imprint (with co-conspirator Appleblim.) Shackleton released Three EPs on Perlon late last year. While the album (?) was somewhat of a departure, it was a brilliant one, with well constructed complex tunes free of unnecessary ornamentations.  The music is not as depressive as some writers make it out to be. In fact, I actually find some of it very uplifting – Shackleton actually sampled the Christian prayer tune/song “He’s got the whole world in his hands” on one of the tracks!


Check out this recent Q&A with Dave Segal of Seattle newspaper The Stranger – The Music of Imminent Apocalypse? – “A Feisty Q&A… with one of the world’s foremost purveyors of hauntological, deep-trauma, ethnodelic bass musick.”


  1. This track is bangin’. Moody as ever, but one of the more substantive productions I’ve heard of dude’s. It sounds almost like it could’ve been recorded live.

  2. Those big hand drums really take over and maybe become a bit too repetitive but there’s lots of subtle polyrhythms going on under them.

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