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Jahdan on Dollar Van Demos, singing a track titled “Songs of Love,” Leaving Babylon and going to a place where “the birds dance in the trees, singing songs of love” and “the breeze blow so free.” Dollar vans in the outer-boroughs are basically a response to the lack of adequate public transportation in certain parts of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and other underserved NYC neighborhood.  I’ve been in the vans a few times, sometimes just keeping it extra-local like Jahdan, riding for only a few stops in Bed-Stuy, uptown in Harlem and BX, but they become extremely valuable during MTA/Transit worker strikes. Anyway, enjoy this one.


  1. Oh. If you want to read about NYC public transit (from the advocacy perspective, granted) try I first read about Dollar Van Demos on that site. This ish is hilarious, btw. Nice up that van, Jahdan!

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