O’Neil Edwards 1/3 of Dancehall trio Voicemail.

Jamaica, please stop shooting your artists.


Voicemail come first on this Style and Swagga medley.

From Dancehall.Mobi:

‘Oneil Edwards, one-third of the popular dancehall group, Voicemail, was reportedly shot multiple times at the gate to his house in Duhaney Park, Kingston, early this morning, and is now undergoing critical surgery at the Kingston Public Hospital. Unconfirmed reports indicate that robbery was the motive, and that he was shot at least once in the head.’

I’ve been playing a lot of Voicemail tunes lately, especially the Style and Swagga version above and I would like all of them to continue making their great music.

Badmen of Jamaica, I would humbly request that you refrain from shooting any more artists, producers, djs or anyone else.  If you need to shoot someone please shoot each other and leave everyone else out of it.  Thanks.