Straight Yoza!

Last night, at the Noble Society show I ran into a bredren I recorded for some grime dubs with and hosted at a couple shows a few years back. Melodic is one of those deejay/MC’s you have to respect for their hustle. Shortly after I met him I noticed how hard his myspace and performance game were and he’s consistantly come up on the radar at shows around the city. His reggae dips are in the vein of the hip hop-reggae hybrid that Noble Society is laying down.

Shortly after our dubs were recorded I came across a tune he did with Digital Primate, an australian producer I rate for his digi-ragga innovations and low ends. I found a blog post about Digital Primate here that does a better job on a bio and the tune he did with Melodic and Mark Shine here… On the Radio.

This is the video for Melodic’s new single ride one which I would like to submit under Lamin’s recession rap draft picks.