Nicki Minaj f/ Lil Wayne – I Get Crazy

Nicki is back! I heard her new mixtape (zshare) over the weekend, and it’s dope, even with all the tags and the DJ yelling all over it like he actually created/owns the music* (where is the producer in that equation?) Props to Nah Right (look there for more joints w/out annoying tags/DJ shouts.) Nicki is delirious over this beat, and we are also blessed with a frantic last verse by Lil Wayne, but it’s after his quick guitar solo.

* most of the time, mixtape DJs are like pests buzzing in the listener’s ears.  Showcase the track, keep drops to a minimum, and if anything else, please speak with your hands.


  1. except the constant lewinsky talk, fuck man it’s literally more than 10 years since anyone cared. i feel like i’m criticizing leno.

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