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Jay Electronica – Swagger Jackson’s Revenge

Regardless who you vote for
If the mind don’t grow, and the poverty lines don’t go
But the dope keep coming, and the TV keeps flashing images of a sports car
Then you’re bound for a coke war
The meek get clowned by the coke law
The sheep get drown in the folklore
Then lured to sleep by Tom Brokaw
What a pity?
The hope on the politician’s tongue never ever trickles down to the city.

This track is from a compilation/mixtape floating around titled ElectroChemicals, containing exclusive songs and rare materials previously available only as radio-rips or web/myspace-rips from Jay Electronica – a brilliant voice in hip hop (in music and poetry in general) who is going to set drop an album in 2010. This cut has a great Michael Jackson speech in the intro— from an interview in which The King sounded defiant, and saying there’s a conspiracy in the US; it is suspicious that his album is number one all around the world, except in America where he is facing all kinds of legal and financial woes.


  1. Lamin: what do you think of Jay Electronica’s imagining himself as a white racist/oppressor in a number of his tracks (one example: “Down South they call me white cause I hang MCs” from So What You Sayin). I love his tracks, but this makes me pretty uncomfortable.

  2. I have to say, it is one of his most striking lines, “Down south they call me white man, cause I hang emcees.” It’s a shocking lyric, especially when you’re aware that he is from down south, his family is from down south. It’s a reality he’s exposing, a perception on race and terror that he is playing with, it’s interesting. On that same track, he said he is “waging war with wicked men in higher places.” And this is an emcee who has an album/mixtape titled “At War With The Dragon” which he dedicated to Honorable Louis Farrakhan, Dorothy Flowers (his grandmother), Biggie Smalls.

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