Mi rifle dem a sing sweeter than Akon…

It’s been more than a week since we return from Austin, TX, and still haven’t managed to completely shake off that feeling — delirium — a sense of optimism/”yes we can” mixed with confusion, loudness, alcohol, et cetera. Massive respect to the Green Owl folks (for making sure we get down there in style,) all our friends, all the beautiful monsters who treated us kindly (and kept some of us up till 9 a.m.)
Mavado‘s Starlight Mixtape, mix and presented by Karim Hype and Supa Sound has been out for a few weeks. I haven’t listened to a lot of mixtapes this year, but I was listening to this one while riding  down to Texas. It’s a confusing, ferocious mix-up; Mavado’s voice is heavier, at times he sounds more bitter and determined than ever; one moment he’s sunny, the next he’s angry and howling. I’ve selected a few cuts from the mixtape for preview –


Mavado – War Is In The Air


Mavado – Dem ahh Talk


Mavado – Mockingbird


Mavado – Cyan Tek We Life feat. Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor


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