After repeated listens to Starshipz and Rocketz, perhaps the most admirable thing (and a recurring theme throughout the album) is G-Side’s work ethic which is rooted in the idea that through hard work, constant grinding, focus and perseverance you can get over obstacles and discouragement.  If you’re worried about your job (assuming you still have a job), constantly struggling to make ends meet, especially as the US/global economy continue its rapid deterioration, and if like me, you’re into outer space Southern rap music, then this album is vitally yours.

G-Side – Hit Da Block (feat. Shyft)

In my last G-Side/Slowmotion Soundz post, I asked the question: Why is the duo’s name missing from the album cover?  CP from the Slo crystallizes things –

…G side’s name isn’t on the album cover for one reason. We do everything we can to eliminate individuality. Nobody or person is bigger than the slo. Starshipz and rocketz is a slo album. G side happens to be the specific performers on the record and block beataz just happens to be the production, but done for a singular cause. Its 7 or 8 people that actually make this company move and operate efficiently. We have admin department, management, audio/visual production, marketing department, IT department, legal counsel, and a goon/muscle dept for things that are beyond talking about. Hope that clarifies a little bit. All groups fall when 1 person thinks they can carry the weight. Respect.

Thank you, CP.

Recession Rap Jams, eyes on the prize, ears to the f**k!n’ streets.

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