Big shoutout to everybody who came thru and got down last nite! even the dude who kept shouting at me “WE’VE GOT SO MUCH IN COMMON, I UNDERSTAND YOU MUSICALLY SO LET ME PLAY MY HARMONICA RIGHT NOW.” The fact that he was so ridiculous really underscored what great vibes the rest of the crowd was bringing. Color everywhere.

And yes, independent pollsters & U.N. bystanders confirmed that we achieved a female-majority gender ratio.

Special shout out to guest vocalist Mariana from Buenos Aires — “beauty so sudden for this time of year” — she’s in town recording for a few weeks and graced us w/ a little live PA action, muchisimas gracias!

The place was rammed, but i spotted: Carolina, Jah Dan, Leif, Broklyn, Kingdom, Mr Lee G (who said my Architecture in Helsinki rmx w/ him is blowing up… in Trinidad!), Abena, the lovely Team Moji, Nokea, and lotzzz more, too many to hyperlink & mention.

fotos & vid & DA TV en espaƱol coming soon.

Geko & I were running around the Heights getting chop+play gems for the next Dance this afternoon, no time waste, too many waists to dutty wine


  1. congrats on the galdem majority. I’ve got my first Night Slugs dance next week and I’m so nervous it will be a saussage fest…

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