TONIGHT: Uproot Andy + Taliesin Tonight @ the Flux Factory in Queens

Last minute blatant promotional alert. But consider it more of a service as the evening’s pretty well sure to be packed regardless. I’m going on at midnight- Andy is going on at two. Come say hello.

Flux Factory, a long-standing artists collaborative based in Long Island City, is pleased to announce The End of the End of the End of the End (To Be Continued…), a fundraiser and celebration of eminent domain. A giant party of performances of all stripes in fifteen rooms will take place at our collective living/work/gallery space on Thursday, October 30th. We will end the night with a collective final clean of the space, leaving it broom-swept clean with nothing remaining but the fixtures. This is because we are giving the keys to the Metropolitan Transit Authority the next morning, when they will seize our building through eminent domain for the LIRR expansion project.

Performances will be taking place in our seventeen former bedrooms. There’ll be fifteen rooms worth of fun, with a birthday party room, slam poets on stilts, heavy metal, dj’s, a video confessional booth, dance lessons VH1 style, interactive sound art, ballet, campfire stories, costumed buffoonery, oracles, musicians from far and near, and way more dancing, debauchery, music, participatory art, and party than you can handle with dozens of performers confirmed and more on the way.
I lived at Flux for a few months this past summer- they don’t really fuck around when it comes to this sort of event. When they realized they wouldn’t be able to have gallery shows this summer (about a third of their space is usually devoted to a gallery) they instead started renting out tour buses and letting artist bring guests to remote locations- while only providing a start and end time for the trip and wardrobe suggestions. The list of artists participating tonight is nearly 100 strong. So there should be a little something for everyone.
Directions, Etc
potluck 6:00pm
party 8:00pm-4:00am
cleanup 4:00am-6:00am