Trading tweets for tracks with @cashmusic

dj ghostdad in the studio

You can stream DJ Ghostdad‘s latest 5-part mix for free, but mp3s of Acid Yazz are gonna cost you… a tweet. Using a “tweet-for-track” script, Ghostdad offers a pretty reasonable exchange: you tweet about the mix, he’ll give you a download link.

The script was written by CASH music, a new non-profit developing software to help musicians free themselves from data-mining megacorps. They don’t mince words on their commitment to free/open source software:

“Sustainability for artists is the goal, and an open source solution gives musicians and coders the power to build solutions together. We can’t rely on Facebook, the RIAA, or even Apple to invent a new model that works with the best interests of artists in mind. Let’s create those models together.”

I like that CASH calls their work “music tech”. Why shouldn’t webapps for musicians be in the same category as MooT BooXLe’s “ghetto” talkbox or the Wii2MIDI hack?


  1. i was geeked when i saw this on gd’s site. i think its a great idea. i keep hearing people use the words ‘social currency’ but this makes it literal

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