This is, how you say, my shit. Instinct, producer from De Tropix, made this mashup of Mavado’s hit So Blessed. Some people are saying ‘soca’ which seems to be everyone’s go to term for anything that is 4×4 with snares that aren’t straight on the upbeats. If you listen to soca you know that soca is FAST which this isn’t. Sounds kinda like Funky to me but with the sugary synths and Vado mashup I personally will be filing this under LDN Tropical. I like the graphic too but to really get there it needs more animals but that’s just me. Anyway, BAD.


  1. Bredrino, we needs to settle this LON vs. LDN thing once and for all. Let’s do a survey or something. (note – personally, I thought LDN was just for Lily Allen, music mags, and Essex girls). LON is the airport code for all London airports, and I’ve never heard Wiley say LDN.

    “…before I show ya whole street about L-O-N history”

    Do we need any more reason?

    LON all day.

  2. soca ranges in tempo from around 100 all the way to 160+, including everything in between. This is soca-esque, not the truly overused “tropical” moniker that’s so very trendy right now….

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