Tweet #YoutubeDivas Thursday Dec 15th

We the good peoples of Dutty Artz invite you to join us in a hostile take over of the twitter feed on December 15th. We’re asking everyone we know to tweet the hashtag #YoutubeDivas and a link to a video of a female artist. Help us co-op twitter and expose obscure female artists that aren’t getting airplay due to payola and media bias.

Its a simple idea.. but if we can get enough people to participate it will lead to more conversation and exposure for a lot of these artists. We’ve heard a lot of feedback from ladies in the scene about how hard it is being a female DJ or producer and we’re doing our part to help balance that. In a post lecture conversation with DJ Rizzla last week (thanks for curating Ripley!), Rizzla pointed out how if we’re to eliminate bias the majority need to first surrender some of their power to the minority. We like that idea.

There are a ton of people who have never heard of Fairuz, Mercedes Sosa, Cesoria Evora, La Lupe or any number of well established female artists. But there are also contemporary electronic music producers and vocalists like Jahcoozi, Flore, Ekova, Zuzuka Poderosa who have worked really hard and recorded some amazing music. These ladies are sometimes huge within their hemispheres but this is an attempt to bring some of them to light to wider audience.

I’m posting the video below and others to get the word out. Please share if you feel comfortable but more importantly share videos by your favorite divas and unsung heroines. There are some amazing women out there from all over the world.


You can also help by sharing the facebook event page or inviting your friends.

Following this experiment… on Saturday here in NYC, we’re hosting a fundraiser soundclash for an organization called Just the Tip of Feminism. DJ’s are battling out playing sets of strictly female vocalists.

Dutty Artz fi di gyal dem.

Free Download –> Pa la Escuela Nene (Geko Jones vs Frikstailers)

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