Ultimix@6 Mzansi House Radio Rips

South Africa is the world’s biggest consumer of house music. Or at least that is what everyone keeps telling me. It’s blasting out of taxi mini-buses, Rosebank bottle service clubs, and the doors of Tiger Don’t Cry, the shebeen down the street from my apartment.  Hipsters tell me Kwaito is dead- and I don’t know if I should believe them- but no one can deny that mzansi house is here to stay. If you can bear the cheesier bits- there are some serious gems tucked in these two radio rips from 5FM’s Ultimix@6  show with DJ Fresh. If you are feeling these grab a bunch more DL’s of Ultimix rips HERE.  Or just tune in live at 5FM.

Ultimix@6.Dj.Euphonik.13 April 2011 by Limbzo
Ultimix@6 Dj Kent 29 Apirl 2011 by Limbzo
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BmdQrAoFCY[/youtube] This dropped earlier in the year but I keep hearing it on blast.
Keep up with Limbzo – who upped both mixes and the utube on his FB page “Music and more music. Its an Obsession. Purely For The Love Of Mzansi House “