I’m in Washington D.C., here to give a keynote talk at World’s Fair Use Day. Participants include Das Racist, Larisa Mann, the Can I Haz Cheezburger dude, and the woman who runs the U.S. government’s Copyright Office. Assuming this isn’t a RIAA sting, it should be a solid event!

Right before D.C. I finished a new mixtape, made with Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, as part of Domus magazine’s City Mix series. This mix is titled “Harlem Is Nowhere”, after Sharifa’s new book which, in turn, borrows the phrase from a 1948 essay by Ralph Ellison.

She’s presenting the book (and mix!) at the Studio Museum in Harlem tonight. Event info. Sharifa’s a great reader. Domus will make the mix available soon & I’ll write more about it and the book then. HINT: Both Sharifa’s Harlem Is Nowhere and Daniel HernandezDown and Delirious in Mexico City are REQUIRED READING in 2011. Both books will be out soon and they’re both awesome.


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