wholesale chop from Cocaine Blunts:

It turns out Lil B’s “My Baby” wasn’t an isolated instance of lunacy but just one small part of a grand experiment. The 19 year old Pack frontman currently maintains 114 myspace pages… all launched over roughly the last eight months and each showcasing five or six original songs and freestyles.

The pages are numbered chronologically and listening to them in order is like reading an abandoned space journal, a slow descent into madness. Except it’s the good kind of madness.

read more! it’s hard to fathom. There’s a greater narrative to explore here (ref. Lil Wayne) about what happens when a compulsion for content outstrips all editorial filters. FWIW, Shoot the Bitch Bra sounds like ‘golden era’ Lenny Dee / Industrial Strength. And not The Pack.


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