Straight out of the gate I have to send a big shoutout to Prancehall for running one of the funniest and most informational blogs going. This week he’s got up two new videos of Skepta (who you may remember from my collabo with him on Pale Fire, “Reign”), his brother JME and their friend Frisco spitting on Tim Westwood’s show on 1Xtra (bbc digital urban radio). Westwood is quite a big deal in the UK despite the fact that he looks and talks like a cartoon character on some very strange drugs (drugs which make you think you’re american and say ‘dawg’ and ‘baby’ all the time in a CRAZY sounding UK/US hybrid accent). Boy Better Know wisely did not make fun of him on his show this time, although they have been known to do it before, he must have a pretty good sense of humor about himself. Still, big up to him for finally figuring out that Grime actually is the REAL UK hiphop and that he as a big UK hiphop DJ ought to support it.

There are some absolutely sick new lyrics from all three but especially JME in which he addresses the rise of the horrible “Girl Better Blow” T-Shirts which are an imitation of his brilliant “Boy Better Know” branding which basically single handedly started the Grime T-Shirt industry and gave everyone in the hood in London a crash course in marketing and branding. Why anyone male or female would wear one of those GBB shirts I have absolutely no idea. If you’re a dude it’s basically vagina kryptonite and if you’re a chick… Yeesh. Don’t even know where to start with that one. JME sets the record straight that he is NOT going to take a picture with you if you are wearing one.

I’ve just ruthlessly copied and pasted the videos here, but you really should click over and see what Prancehall thinks about it all, along with his hilarious guest post commentary on Ruff Sqwads fashions at a recent show of theirs.

Another Youtube thing I’m feeling is fellow Dutty Artizt /Rupture‘s recent video with Andy Moor of the Ex, promoting their tour and collabo together (which is currently going on in Europe). The music in the video is them doing turntable and guitar improv over a Nokea and Baby Kites riddim called Hot Pink (watch out for our remix). Hot Pink is gonna come out soon on a new project which is code named Solar Life Raft. The video is a slideshow of photos accompanying a live recording of Rupture and Andy. Some of the images are really great and add a really interesting vibe to the whole thing. After the addition of the guitar, noises and photos I feel like the thing takes on a whole new life and tone, which is pretty interesting. This is another merciless rip and repost but at least I wrote something about it and didn’t just copy and paste. Check out /Rupture’s blog for his thoughts about it and notes from the tour.