WEB 3.0

Masala got got, then restored, but the whole affair simply served to remind us that we need to communicate – to share sound & ideas – in spaces we control. Places where years of content community-building won’t be deleted by corporate whim.

Think globally, upload locally, tunnel downwards. Rig the submarines. Sink deep. In a post-search mediascape whose senses will we rely on?

YOU. Your content. Your grandma’s chain. Cycling off into the darkness… check it:

“web 3.0: the grand retreat back to our own servers”


  1. So true! I think the same thing everytime soundcloud is down and most songs on our blog disappear all at once. But people will go on making theirselves hinge on all these services as it’s so comfortable.

  2. as much as I love this vid and the whole web3.0 ideal (tho I liked the dada sense the best) …

    I’m going to be a tech bitch and note that the stated purpose behind google’s buzz is precisely to get the sharing and chats off of a central controlled “community”. “the web IS the social network”. their idea is to try to break people out of just being on facebook. (because google still doesn’t get it that facebook is about flirting)

    the standards are all open so anybody can post anything anywhere and buzz is just supposed to be one glue tool to read, like, and comment on stuff. but the streams exist wherever the streams exist. at the moment its just bigger things like twitter and flickr, but there will be wordpress blog plugins soon. you will be able to post to and from any blog or service to the comments or content of another service. gmail/buzz is just one client.

    that said I think the problem with buzz is that email == private one on one lines of communication. buzz is at the moment just keeping track of your friends’ posts. its over-biased to people that talk too much.

    facebook is people you once knew but haven’t seen for a while. myspace is pretending that you are somebody that you aren’t but its cool because other people then claim to know you. its like dress up. twitter is fucking annoying. its like standing up on a soap box and pretending to have a conversation with somebody standing several soap boxes away. and both of you face the audience. and you are more conscious of the audience then you are of the person you are speaking to. I predict it will fall off like sisqo.

    just bring back MUDs, right ? isolation. tight communities. dungeons.

  3. great input Timeblind – but this post + video are a response to Google taking down blogspot-hosted blogs w/o notification or warning, it’s not about Buzz.
    That said, a lot of ppl have speculated that the roughly simultaneously timing of #musicblogocide2k10 and Buzz release was intentional!
    anyhow, I LIKE tight communities — dungeons no, but safe spaces to communicate and nurture stuff w/o exposing it to immediate Internet-burn is amazing. It’s hardly isolation… its more like giving something small a space to grow, kind protection.

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