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I’m pleased to announce that I will be guest-hosting a few episodes of WNYC’s Soundcheck this week! WNYC is New York’s flagship public radio/NPR station, and Soundcheck is the daily talk show about music. I’ve been on twice as a guest – once with Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein discussing myth & mystery in music in relation to our inclusion in the Best Music Writing 2009 book, and once for a live performance (which got bungled by the head of the label who put out Uproot, alas).

This Wednesday and Thursday, however, I’ll be hosting the show while regular presenter John Schaefer escapes NYC’s current heatwave on vacation somewhere undoubtedly nicer. You can tune into the live broadcast on 93.9 FM from 2-3pm, or catch the various incarnations as online stream, podcast, 10pm rebroadcast, etc.

Check Soundcheck’s site for information on the guests and live performers I’ll be speaking with. (Hint: undead Paul McCartney).

The following infographic should answer any additional inquiries you might have:


Radio – freely available music & talk about music delivered locally to anyone with access to a cheap FM receiver – played a huge role in my musical upbringing (I’m remembering high school evenings spent taping shows beamed out from Boston’s college stations); it’s an honor and a pleasure to participate with the Soundcheck team.

Further left on the dial, you’ll find WFMU 91.1 FM entering its summer season, where my weekly show maintains the 7pm Monday night slot. Tonight’s episode was fun…