Gil Scott-Heron – On Coming From a Broken Home (Part 1)
I’m New Here (XL Recordings, 2010)

I’m New Here, Gil Scott-Heron’s first album in sixteen years was released last week on XL Recordings. The album was recorded between 2007-09 and produced by Richard Russell. On the opening and closing tracks “On Coming From a Broken Home (Part 1 & Part 2) – Scott-Heron offers a tribute to the women of his family, not so much an explanation but a reflections, giving us a portrait of the women who raised him.  Producer Richard Russell provided the perfect backdrop, a sampling the intro (just a few seconds on loop) to Kanye West’s “Flashing Light.”

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  1. its funny cuz i worked with S.O.B.’s i actually had to make a delivery to the man himself hehehehe….not sure if he still lives by City College in NYC but i thought it was funny cuz i knocked at his door and he immediately put on this dominican spanish accent to disguise who he is even though he lived in this run down building hehehe. I was like “i have package for Gil Scott heron.” and then he opens up and invites me in but only for a second. but mad props to one of the originals !!! its about time..XL recordings will make him huge !!!

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