Year End Juice Cleanse (3/3)


Day 3 – Monday December 31, 2012

11:30 AM
Had 1/2 cup of warm sea salt water to help uh.. move things along. Then a cup of hot lemon water.

12:30PM – Juice 1: Greens – Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Apple, Kiwi, Celery, Parsley, Ginger
Yesterday’s juice 5 scarred me (didn’t use any mustard greens this time).

1PM – The internal sea salt water bath I did earlier is starting to do it’s magic. If you don’t know, drinking warm sea salt water flushes your system about 90-120min after you take it. And I now have that feeling. My roomate, however, is taking a leisurely shower. The 15 minutes that follow are terrifying. It worked out fine. But damn.


3:40PM – Juice 2: Cashew Milk
I bought yet another pineapple yesterday, thinking it would be ready for today (there are now 3 pineapples on my counter) – and yea, it ain’t ready. So I can’t do my Pineapple/Apple/Orange thang. Too bad. Guess I’ll have to settle for this effin delicious nectar of the gawds.

And in any case… three pineapples are on my counter…life could be worse yo.

7:30PM – Juice 3: Greens – Kale, Watercress, Mustard Greens, Celery, Apple, Ginger
New Years Eve and ya boy got errands, so my timetable is all over the place. Switched up the ingredients a bit again. As you can see, I got over my mustard green phobia – but I only used one leaf, lol. Added watercress for the first time too. I read some shit the other day about watercress and the reduction of DNA damage to white blood cells and thought that shit sounded hot I mean I’m taking a leap here but this is all about DNA activation and vibration raising so anything even remotely along those lines I’m fuckin with. So word – this was one of the better green blends I made. Forgot to add the kiwi though.

8PM – I’m listening to Thelonious Monk. He was a bad mawfucka. Used to slap the shit outta the piano keys with his elbows n shit. His elbows sun! Just felt like acknowledging that.

9PM – Juice 4: Spicy Lemonade
Decided some time between Thelonius and juice 4 that I’ll be ringing in this social new year, well…dolo – writing/creating – as opposed to joining any number of functions. Liberating decision.

10PM – Juice 5: Greens – Kale, Watercress, Mustard Greens, Celery, Apple, Ginger
Proper. Took it easy on the mustard greens once again (now and forevermore!).


11:50PM – Juice 6: Cashew Milk
Cheers to myself and this beat I’m working on #noego #justsayin. Ringing in the new calendar year productively.  Sidenote: anyone know where I can buy buckets of cashews on the cheap in NYC? The cost of each of these lil’ ass bags I’ve been buying coulda done sponsored hella kids around the world already. Dead ass! If you know a spot – holla at me


Recap: Honestly – if it weren’t for my day-to-day changing drastically in the very near future – going from being on my own damn schedule to, well, not – I feel like I could stretch this shit at least another week or two. Forreals. Feel like I’ve been more productive on the cleanse, in addition to feeling lighter, more focused, and fully nourished. I had a similar feeling when doing The Master Cleanse (there’s magic in that cayenne/maple/organic lemon combo) but this even more so, as the green juice, cashew milk and pineapple jawns hold you down a lil’ more. Come to think of it, this felt downright luxurious by comparison.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll probably be sticking strictly to fresh juice, fruits and veggies (uncooked, where possible) to ease my system off of the cleanse. Veggie massaman will have to wait, unfortunately.

In closing, I highly recommend juice cleansing – tho something with a more rigid program than my blueprint improv might work better for you if you’re a first timer. No one says you gotta go all out widdit out the gate though. Integrating a lil’ fresh drank into your current dietary itinerary is a step nahmean.

Health/wealth in the new year sun.


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