Available now at Boomkat, eMusic, Juno, and other digital download stores, in MP3, WAV, and FLAC formats, a new release from Dutty Artz by a powerful vocalist/musician Mariana Yegros. The original track “Trocitos De Madera” produced by King Coya is followed by some extra-special remixes from DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek, El Remolon, and Marcelo Fabian, throwing the pieces in other exciting directions, with fantastic results.

Artwork designed, and enhanced with handcrafted details, by a wonderful artist Claudia Rivas. As you can, it is absolutely beautiful. Claudia is also behind the cover of Solar Life Raft.

For the last few months, Jahdan has been constantly, sonically bombing the internet with quality heat.  If you think the tracks on Bazooka Shot were crazy, just wait until you hear the album. Better yet, head over to iTunes, where you can preview and buy the first single from the album Buzzrock Warrior.  The single is called “She Said”and it features 77klash.  Jahdan’s voice is beautiful and pure on this one, but the beat and the bass are shifty, and Klash spits some cryptic, classic lines on this.  The album comes out September 15th (9/14 for those in the UK!), which is just around the corner. Get hustlin, get ready!

DJ Rupture & Matt Shadetek Solar Life Raft CD Cover
OK we’re going in again. This time it’s me and Rupture, Solar Life Raft, the new mix album dropping November 11th on The Agriculture. For those of you that caught Uproot and enjoyed it we’re taking the format and going in deeper, wider, rougher. Me and /R have been cooking up tracks together for a while, some of which are appearing on Jahdan’s album and some on SLR. It’s our first official thing together with our names on it which is pretty exciting. It’s got a bunch of unreleased exclusive new collabo instrumentals plus excluse remixes of Telepathe and Gang Gang Dance. Mad I know. Expect to hear a lot more about it here soon.

With the release of Solar Life Raft, DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek emerge from the shores of Brooklyn bearing gifts from the future. A rich blend of bass, beats, and space, rocked by a tropical wind out of the west, Solar Life Raft is an arresting testament to the fruit that grows at the margins, free from genre orthodoxy and pulsing with gentle mutant energy. Created by two individuals with a shared appreciation for engaging with streetwise dance music from a ground-up, participatory perspective, as well as more experimental sounds, Solar Life Raft, the duo’s first extended project together, features tracks blended on three decks into a complete hypnotic and gripping narrative.

from alt.sounds.

cover photo by Amir Ebrahimi, layout by Matt Shadetek

After a few intense months of beat-making, recording and asking a few favors from friends, DUTTY ARTZ family finished production on Jahdan Blakkamoore‘s debut album, Buzzrock Warrior.  We think its the best thing we’ve ever made, and we’re proud to announce that Gold Dust Media agree with us, as they will be releasing Buzzrock, insuring that our take on Brooklyn Tropical Dubstep  will be heard worldwide.  The album brings together many of the Dutty Artz crew’s interests including dancehall, digital cumbia, grime,dubstep and other delicious tropical sounds.

Jahdan is in fine form throughout singing and chatting over riddims from diverse producers including homegrown tunes by Shadetek and Rupture, ragga techno dons Modeselektor, grime super hero Jammer, the Zizek crew’s Chancha via Circuito and globe trotter Maga Bo.   Dutty Artz extended family 77Klash appears twice on guest vocal duties and provides the gorgeous uncategorizable beat for ‘She Said’ while top grime boy Durrty Goodz goes in hard with JD on ‘Mesmerized’ and Abena Koomson joins in to bring us slowly down on closer ‘Rise Again’.

For an early taste of the vibes check out The General, out now on 12″ with banging dubstep remixes by Noah D. and Marcus Visionary and also look for Jahdan’s appearance, the roots flavored ‘Cash Flow’, on Diplo and Switch’s highly anticipated Major Lazer project available June 16th.

Yes, Dutty Artz is a recording label with actual (and digital) records in stores, tremendously talented musicians, one extremely dedicated operative, and supporters.

Here’s a tune from DUTTY REMIX ZERO which is still fresh in the stores. This remix is great, but you should really hear SHADETEk’s “Can’t Breathe” remix.
Cauto – Bona Vida

Rupture and JahDan are in the middle of their UK trek. If you are in the area, go and see them! Something wonderful happens when these two are together. Check DATV001 for proof.

(pic by Sr Atlantico)

We also got teh mixes –

Geko Jones New York Tropical; live on WFMU is still up + popping.

Taliesin got some dark dark dark for ya… Well, it ain’t so dark, but it is.

Jahdan Blakkamoore: We Are Raiders 12

Jahdan Blakkamoore: We Are Raiders, presented by Matt Shadetek and DJ /Rupture will be in your shops on July 7th. We’ve been labbed up and working hard to get this first taste into the world as quickly as possible while finishing the full length that these songs are taken from, and now: it’s here! Well, in a few days anyway. But trust me, unlike some of our past infinitely receding release dates, this one actually exists (camphone evidence by Geko Jones):

jd camphone art

It will be available in CD, digital and 12″, with instrumentals and a bonus tune on the CD and digital, vinyl is the four vocals only (CD cover pictured).

The CD EP tracklist is as follows:

1. Buss It Pon Dem (Produced by Chancha Via Circuito, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

2. Nice Green (Produced by me, Matt Shadetek, New York City, USA)

3. Go Round Payola (Matt Shadetek)

4. Pon Time (Produced by Stereotyp, Vienna, Austria)

5. Pure Riddim (Bonus Instrumental, Matt Shadetek)

6. Payola Riddim (Matt Shadetek)

7. Nice Green Riddim (Matt Shadetek)

8. Varela (Chancha Via Circuito)

Pre-order yours now (and hear samples) from Boomkat or Cargo, distribution by Cargo (UK & Europe) and Traffic (USA).

Jahdan and Rupture will be in the UK this month on tour promoting the release. Get dates and more info from Qujunktions.

Also get a sneak preview of Nice Green off the EP over at my myspace, along with Go Round Payola.

is FINALLY in the UK shops! we had ALL MANNER of production delays on this one, but now that Dutty Artz has turned on, we can safely say that we’re gonna keep sprinting for a long time to come.

you can cop the 12″ at Boomkat and many other fine shoppes

here’s the Boomkat review: “Two of our favourite rhythm and bass scholars Matt Shadetek and DJ/Rupture join forces to present their new imprint Dutty Artz, dedicated to dubstep/grime tempo bangers with a four track disc rammed full of primed dancefloor winners. Matt Shadetek brings up the A-side with ‘Can’t breathe remix’, taking advantage of his outsider position within the scene to draw a number of significantly heavy strands of plasticky synth ridden grime styles with R’n’B styled vox and a killer conga pattern reminding us of Skepta’s crazy ‘stageshow riddim’. The real shocker on this side is the insanely effective ‘Girlfriend rmx’, obviously inspired by the ghetto house styles currently ruling sections of African dancefloors at the moment and spilling into Grime and Funky London styles, Matt kills it with a charging batty wriggler riddim with heavily autotuned vox and stupid fresh bass for a cut that is guaranteed to liven up any floor.

Cauto keep up the pressure built on the A-side with an mean update of Shy FX’s classic ‘Original nuttah’ augmenting the original vocals and licks with a dubstep/breakstep riddim and freshened bass rubs that will be demanding a lot of attention very soon. ‘Bona vida’ leaves us on cool dubbers tips, structuring a forward thinking dub riddim in the finest Disrupt style, before adding some angular breaks to wipe any dancefloor dilettantes, rough styyyyles. This is definitely an imprint to be keeping a close eye on in the future, and a definite must buy for any fans of Werk, Hyperdub, Hot Flush, Heatwave, or any of Ruptures legendary mixtapes. Well recommended!!”

Jahdan Blakkamoore: We Are Raiders 12

The Dutty Artz family is VERY pleased to announce that we’ve just finished the first artist release for DA, Jahdan Blakkamoore’s EP entitled “We Are Raiders”. Jahdan is a Brooklyn local hero and has been doing his thing for years. From providing the ragga verse on Smif & Wessun’s hip-hop classic Sound Bwoy Buriel to singing the chorus on my tune Brooklyn Anthem (known in the hood as the Craziest Riddim) Jahdan has done a lot. Now, the next phase. Me, Rupture, Geko and Jah D have been labbed up for the past 6 months in the depths of Brooklyn recording his album for Dutty Artz under the working title Buzzrock Warrior. The album is crazy, it’s JD continuing the grimey direction he and I started in with Brooklyn Anthem and branching out in others as well. Dubstep is present, Cumbia is in the building, mad digital Dancehall is there and a lot of stuff that I don’t even know what to call it. Reggae? Sort of. Hip-hop? mmm, yeah. R+B? Kinda.
We’re calling it New York Tropical, before someone comes up with an even stupider name. When we put some audio online you’ll be the first to know and you can stick your own labels to it. In the mean-time, here’s the 12″ art. The four track 12″ will be out first followed shortly by the CD which adds the instrumentals.