DJ Rupture & Matt Shadetek Solar Life Raft CD Cover
OK we’re going in again. This time it’s me and Rupture, Solar Life Raft, the new mix album dropping November 11th on The Agriculture. For those of you that caught Uproot and enjoyed it we’re taking the format and going in deeper, wider, rougher. Me and /R have been cooking up tracks together for a while, some of which are appearing on Jahdan’s album and some on SLR. It’s our first official thing together with our names on it which is pretty exciting. It’s got a bunch of unreleased exclusive new collabo instrumentals plus excluse remixes of Telepathe and Gang Gang Dance. Mad I know. Expect to hear a lot more about it here soon.

With the release of Solar Life Raft, DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek emerge from the shores of Brooklyn bearing gifts from the future. A rich blend of bass, beats, and space, rocked by a tropical wind out of the west, Solar Life Raft is an arresting testament to the fruit that grows at the margins, free from genre orthodoxy and pulsing with gentle mutant energy. Created by two individuals with a shared appreciation for engaging with streetwise dance music from a ground-up, participatory perspective, as well as more experimental sounds, Solar Life Raft, the duo’s first extended project together, features tracks blended on three decks into a complete hypnotic and gripping narrative.

from alt.sounds.


  1. Excited to hear it ! btw, love the cover.

    Also, yes, got some dolphins in my backyard. It’s raining a lot in Mtl right now, so it’s kind of ok, but what I’m gonna do soon when no more rain ? Should I send them to BK ?

  2. jace,

    totally just sent an email trying to book you for november 26th in pgh. it’ll be at the place uproot andy is playing on sept. 4th, the brillo box. hope it works out… of course it’s cool if it doesn’t, but Pgh needs some duttology classes. come rep the new mix!


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