Mare Pacificum

Having only been away from the states for nine months I’m amazed at the diversity of produce available at the grocery store. I’m equally excited about the excellent shows laced up and down the best coast these next few weeks.

First up is Tim Turbo from Seen (aka the non-hippie reggae and dance hall site) and Danny Scrilla doing dates down California  and then over into Texas… “equipped with black duffle bags, brimful with Ghetto Lazerbass.”

Turbo and Scrilla Tour Mix Tracklist HERE


August 5th, San Francisco @ Vessel Nightclub
August 6th, Santa Barbara @ EOS Lounge
August 7th, L.A. @ Lot 613
August 8th, San Diego @ The W Hotel
August 12th, Dallas @ Zubar
August 13th, Austin @ Barcelona

I really wish they could have joined me up in Cascadia- where I’ve got a few things going on in the next week.

I’ll be dropping down to Portland for a party this Saturday- August 8- with the Various crew at Branx… You can listen to the exclusive mix “DefinatelyMaybe” I did for them HERE.

Next week, the 13th,  I’ll be up in Vancouver  with the Thursday Ting! Crew at The Woods Studio @ 2nd and Ontario

Come through!


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