Wizraeli, a blogger from Generation Bass sent me the link to Balkan Beat Box’s new video, Political Fuck, and after watching it I had to post it. As a long time fan of Balkan Beat Box, I am always impressed with their fresh productions and political voice.  I will never forget the first time I saw them at Central Park with Antibalas-Afrobeat about 5 years ago. They absolutely killed it.  Considering all the world wide noise thats going on today, this song is a strong representation of the global movement that needs to occur- putting the power back into the peoples hands.



To celebrate our ongoing monthly Sweat Lodge party series at The Cove in Brooklyn (next edition next Friday Nov. 4th! info below) and to give all you unfortunates who haven’t been able to attend yet a taste of the magic I’ve recorded a new DJ mix.  It’s mixed live on Serato Itch which is something new I’ve been trying out – button pushing based DJing instead of vinyl control records – and I had a lot of fun creating it.  There are some mistakes and in the spirit of human imperfection and because I’m too lazy to edit them out I left them in.  It’s kind of representative of the drunk madness that goes down at Sweat Lodge anyway.  Although I was not drunk when I recorded this I swear.  The focus is on the Dutty Artz fam and catalog with a bunch of new and unreleased tunes and remixes from the crew.  Enjoy!

Matt Shadetek – Sweat Lodge Exorcist Mix by mattshadetek



matt shadetek sweat lodge exorcist

Cover art by Talacha!  Thanks homie!




Friday Nov. 4th 10PM-4AM


Matt Shadetek


Lamin Fofana


at The Cove

108 N. 6th St. Brooklyn NY
Dutty Artz Sweat Lodge Flier for November



Track List:

1. Matt Shadetek – Sweat Lodge Exorcist Intro
2. Tod Dockstader – Electronic Pieces (8): Part 1
3. William S. Burroughs – Last Words With Ras I. Zulu
4. Dj Eridson, Mzee, Kampi Moto – Umoja [2012]  (Remix made Angola)
5. Nguzunguzu – Strut (Lamin Fofana Remix)
6. Floetry – Say Yes (Kingdom Remix)
7. Sorie Kondi – No Money No Family (Chief Boima Remix)
8. Atropolis – Mbria Funk
9. Contakt & Mayster – Korak
10. Contakt & Mayster – Korak (Matt Shadetek 3Ball Remix)
11. Don Omar – Danza Kuduro (DJ Rodriguez 3Ball 2011 Remix)
12. Joelito – Sickhead
13. Antony Santos – Vete (Uproot Andy Moombachata Remix)
14. Geko Jones & Reaganomics – Las cuatro palomas Remix
15. DJ Arafat – 5500 Volt
16. Cajmere – It’s Time for The Percolator (Chief Boima Coupe Decale Remix)
17. Kalup Linzy feat. James Franco – Rising (Cardopusher Remix)
18. Appietus – Miss Doctor (Secret Agent Gel Remix)
19. Maxwell D – Out The Window
20. Dubble Dutch – Mad Loopz
21. Gunselectah – Villa Ghetto (Matt Shadetek Remix)
22. Nguzunguzu – Timesup
23. Robzilla ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore – World Keeps Spinning
24. Luisa Maita – Lero Lero (DJ Rupture Remix)
25. Active Child ft. How To Dress Well – Playing House
26. ASAP Rocky – Peso



Filmed by Atropolis and edited by Erik Marika Rich:





Let’s party!  Next Sweat Lodge we’ve got some old and new friends joining us.  2Melo, who is part of Atropolis Cumba Mela crew has been heating up Brooklyn’s warehouses, boats and other strange places for the past few years and I’ve had a blast every time that I’ve played with him.  It was actually through a couple of gigs around Brooklyn with Cumba Mela that I got to know Atropolis and his music which lead to his release on DA.  Lamin Fofana needs no re-introduction to readers of these pages and will be re-joining us after a hiatus. I understand he’s been working on a new set including some of his own new productions so I’m very excited to hear that.  Finally Uproot Andy who was a resident at Sweat Lodge’s big sister New York Tropical and is fresh off his recent tour of Europe and Summer Stage appearance will be returning to rock with us, so it’s a family reunion of sorts.  I’ll be there too, of course but taking the early warm up this time to make room for our guests.

RSVP on Facebook



Uproot Andy


Lamin Fofana

Matt Shadetek



Friday, August 12th 10PM-4AM


The Cove 108 N. 6th St. (L train to Bedford)




Dutty Artz Sweat Lodge Flier, Dre Skull, Matt Shadetek, Geko Jones, Atropolis

Last Sweat Lodge was our best yet!  Big shout to DJ Beto for coming through and throwing down with me, Geko Jones and Atropolis.  I had a blast.  The next one is approaching quickly and I am super excited to announce that we’ve got Brooklyn’s own Dre Skull as our guest.  Dre Skull runs the Mixpak label and just produced an amazing record with Vybz Kartel.  Kartel is to me one of the best and most interesting artists in dancehall music right now and I cannot overstate how impressed I am with Dre for his role in creating Kingston Story, their album.  Read all about it at Taliesin’s post here. On the night your’s truly Matt Shadetek, Geko Jones and Atropolis will be raising the temperature with your favorite tropical sounds so come dressed to sweat.



Dre Skull

Matt Shadetek

Geko Jones



Friday July 8th 10PM-4AM


The Cove, 108 N. 6th St

Brooklyn NY

L train to Bedford Ave

We’re dddddoing it again!  Sweat Lodge for June will be on Friday the 10th and we’ll be celebrating the release of our collaborative collection of t-shirts and hats with Gold Coast Trading Company.  We will have t-shirts and hats available for sale, along with our new and old CDs and 12″s.

This month’s installment will feature DJ Beto of the iBomba crew who have been doing some great stuff here in Brooklyn with their parties including with various members of the extended fam alongside myself, Atropolis and the big bad Geko Jones.  The last few have been amazing and with the temperature rising outside we are not letting up.

dutty artz sweat lodge matt shadetek geko jones dj beto atropolis




w/ your hosts

Matt Shadetek

Geko Jones


AND Special Guest:

DJ Beto (iBomba)


The Cove, 108 N. 6th St.  Brooklyn NY (Take L Train to Bedford)

Friday June 10th 10PM-4AM $FREE ADMISSION


the Dutty Artz familia keeps growing. Welcome Adam Atropolis, lifelong New Yorker and next-level beatmaker and songcrafter. Right now he’s in Colombia with his Cumba Mela crew, cooking up all sorts of very cool, very considered collaborations with local musicians (“we’re working with the king of kings of vallenato today,” begins a typical email), from the nu-skool electronic heads to, well, squeezebox lord Hugo Carlos Grando, king of the kings of vallenato.

but better to have Atropolis explain. He’s been there for two or three months now, and is coming back soon, so expect to hear a lot more from (and about) Atropolis real soon. – Jace Rupture


It’s been too long since we posted anything. Just to update the world, to those who are actually reading, part of the Cumba Mela collective has been doing a mini-tour through Colombia for the past two-months. There is a lot of great footage and music to come. For those who don’t know, we are producing a compilation with artists that we are collaborating with throughout Colombia. We are also performing and producing a documentary that illustrates our journey.

Please click the following link to learn more about our project: The Colombia NYC Project

So far we have worked with a handful of artists. Once we return to the states February 1st. we will have more solid posts, previewing the work we have done here so far.

For now, I would like to share with you our experience in Palenque ; an historic village in Colombia with a massive heritage of preserved African traditions. Benkos Bioho, an escaped slave who aided many other slaves to live freely in this community, founded Palenque in the 17th century. Today, the traditional language of Palenquero can still be heard among the streets. The language was formed due to the diverse African tribes that lived together. Therefore, the native language of this area is a mix of several forms of African dialects with Spanish.

We were in Palenque during a champeta festival, which was really crazy. Since we have been in Colombia, we performed in Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Cartagena, and Barranquilla. And of all the places, we found the craziest and loudest sound system I have ever heard (no joke), in this small remote village, with wild pigs, goats, and chickens running around.

Anyway, during our 3-day visit we had the honor to be in the home of Raffael Cassini, one of the members of Sexteto Tabala. His group is regarded to be one of Colombia’s most highly regarded and important Afro-Colombia artists. It was amazing to see how such a highly regarded musician is living such a humble life-style in the quaint village of Palenque.

On the following day we had a beautiful experience with Las Alegres Ambulancias. We set up our mobile studio in their home and recorded a track with them. A remix of this track should be out hopefully in the next year. The completion of this entire project will hopefully be finished in a year.

Be sure to check out the short documentary bellow on Las Alegres Ambulances.

On our last day we worked with this young hip-hop crew. It was the first recording this 16-year olds have ever done in their life. We will be posting this track with some remixes soon, as well as some footage of the production behind this track.

Once we returned to Cartagena we met up with two more artists from Palenque. Viviano Torres, one of the fathers of Champeta, and Son Palenque. We got the honor to record with both of these artists. So stay posted to hear our collaborations with them.

As of now, we are in Taganga. Since we have been in this chilled out beach town we met up with Juan Carlos and Walter Hernandez, from Systema Solar, in their beautiful home studio. So keep posted to check out whats to come!