My most recent release with Yacouba Sissoko, KoraNYC was a intense journey of doubt, fears, and listening — to the complexities of this rich melodic instrument, the Kora. This production got to a point where I was ready to give up. This is my experience with working with this historic instrument, my struggles with the production, and the tools I used to solve them. (more…)


This Friday the Bombeat crew and myself are excited to hold it down at The House of Yes, an amazing event space, and non-profit organization located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  We are  looking forward to hosting Quantic aka Will Holland, a man of various diverse musical projects.  If you are unfamiliar with his work, do yourself a favor and dig into his wide selection of productions created over the past decade.

APRIL 26th 2013 // House of Yes // 342 Maujer St  New York, NY 11206



I had the pleasure of working with Brent Arnold, who will be featured on my second album, Transitions; thanks to Jace who put me in contact with him. Brent is also involved with Jace’s collaborative project, Nettle.

Brent is looking for some support to help get this incredible album out to the world.  Do not be fooled by his humbleness, the cello is an extension of his body.  To really feel the excitement behind this album check out the video bellow, and visit the kickstarter page to learn more about the project.  Seriously worth your time if you are a fan of the cello. I for one am a huge fan!


Mike Tummolo aka 2melo is a man of many skills- Deeply rooted in NYC underground warehouse scene, 2melo has been a DJ // Event- organizer // Promoter for the past decade.  He is a part of Cumba Mela as well, a crew that consists of Thornato, 2melo, and myself.  Mike has recently been getting his feet wet with music production.  If you have not heard his edits and remix’s yet, be sure to check him out at his soundcloud, 

Check out this remix we collaborated on.  Unfortunately, Mike found this track as part of another remix compilation, which did not include the proper credits.  Please contact us if you  know the name of the artist!

A good friend of mine, Brooklyn Shanti has been rocking the mic since he was  12. Over the past year  Shanti has been doing a great amount of work in India.  Two of his most recent projects involve, Rani Rani, which was picked up by a Bollywood film, From Sydney with Love; and Bengla Bass, an original production that was a part of a music documentary show called The Dewarist.

[youtube width=”525″ height=”355″][/youtube]

“The Dewarists is a part music documentary, part travelogue which takes independent musicians to diverse locations across the world, to collaborate and inspire as they create wholly original works of art — that stand the test of time and orthodox.”

[youtube width=”525″ height=”355″][/youtube]

“In this episode Brooklyn Shanti and Mou Sultana come to their home town Kolkata. Nucleya joins them to create a track about their relationship with the city. The song has two distinct parts, one featuring a bass-heavy dance beat and the other a mellow bengali rap. Watch as they talk about their beginnings and make ‘Bangla Bass'”

Make sure to also keep an eye out for his  collaboration with Jah Dan Blackkamoore



[youtube width=”525″ height=”360″][/youtube]

Super excited about this new event, BomBeat, that I am launching with my crew Cumba Mela, and Nickodemus from Turntables on the Hudson.  Its all going down this Saturday, November 24th at Le Poisson Rouge, in Manhattan. Expect to hear a wide range of global bass music: cumbia, dancehall, kuduro, house, moombahton, reggaeton….

We have Jeremy Sole coming from LA, repping KCRW, TheLift, and Afro Funke.

We are going to try our best to get a free EP for ever event. Be sure to check out the first one bellow!

BomBeat EP1 November 24, 2012 @ LPR NYC by BomBeat


Truly blessed to have electricity, heat, and a home. I have never seen such a storm affect New York City, and man I got to say, stay strong NYC; our hearts and minds go out to those who have been dramatically impacted by the storm.

There are many ways to help out, and sometimes dancing, sweating, and drinking can actually be a way to truly donate some serious funds to Bembe’s Rockaway Benefit. Think about it.

Check link for alternative ways to donate

Serious line up too: UPROOT ANDY// 2MELO, // NAPPY G // WHO AM I // STEFANDE // MIKO // GRINGO



I have been anticipating this event since Sound Liberation reached out to Dutty Artz to participate in their event. I cannot wait to play on there beautiful sound system.  This Friday, October 12th, 2012, from 9 AM to 3AM, several music communities will collide into a rich array of sound.  So come to the Paper Box, on 17 Meadow Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206 to check it out.  For more details click here.

The organizations and artists behind  this event:

Sound Liberation Front, part of the team behind the acclaimed Dub Invasion Festival in 2011, presents a launch party for Dub-Stuy Records, a new Brooklyn-based record label dedicated to promoting progressive bass music and sound system culture in NYC and beyond. The launch party welcomes back the London-based MC Brother Culture to debut a new musical project called Tour de Force. Supporting will be some of the top names from the NYC progressive bass music scene ranging from reggae dub to dubstep and tropical bass with Joe Nice (Dub War), True Nature (Reconstrvct), Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz), Atropolis (Dutty Artz), and Dave Hahn (Dub is a Weapon). The event will also feature the highly anticipated debut of the “Tower of Sound”, an iconic 10,000 watt sound system custom-built and engineered specifically for bass music.

Tour de Force aka TDF Sound System is a Brooklyn-based live electronic dub group formed by producer Double Tiger and DJ Q-Mastah. TDF’s sound blends traditional dub reggae with elements of dubstep, hip-hop and other bass heavy genres. They are currently working on a debut EP to be released on Dub-Stuy Records, featuring established artists such as reggae legend Luciano and veteran MC Brother Culture, who has collaborated with the Prodigy, Adrian Sherwood and Mungo’s Hifi.

Creator of the infamous Dub War parties in NYC, Joe Nice is universally recognized as the ambassador of the dubstep sound in North America and has been instrumental in the global growth and success of dubstep for over a decade. Sharing a residency with Joe Nice at Reconstrvct, True Nature is one of the bearers of the NYC dubstep scene and has held his own as a DJ alongside dubstep stalwarts.