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Ayo, it’s Iswayski yet again. I’ve noticed that R&B is taking up more and more space in my playlists lately, so I’m going to zero on that for today.

I won’t front – R&B wasn’t always my favorite thing. When it would come on Hot 97 or Power 105, I used to flip to other stations in search of rap. But things and people change. And regardless of whether it’s the first time, the genre is currently in the midst of some great creative energies. Production is more daring, fresh vocal styles are being explored, and the line between rap and R&B is constantly blurring. (I think that last point brings things in line with where dancehall is at. You rarely have a popular vocalist who doesn’t pay close attention to melodic development in JA.)


Ben Aqua, the man behind Austin’s #FEELINGS label, released his debut EP today. I’ve been a fan of #FEELINGS’ forward-thinking, genre-spanning dance releases for a minute now (especially Lōtic’s 2011 More Than Friends EP), so it was my pleasure to contribute a remix of the A-side. The initial idea behind my remix was to combine my love of New Orleans bounce music tropes with the tempo of Chicago footwork/juke.

Check it out below, followed by Ben’s original, and cop the whole Reset Yourself EP at Bandcamp.


This is one of those posts where I just blatantly jack Timeblind :


“I’ve been listening to chicago trax, dance mania, ghetto tech all that for 15 years or so. Rashad is taking it up a level and reaching escape velocity, its more like Jungle in the way it floats. Really this stuff is practically Jungle but its totally Chicago. Juke has arrived” – Timeblind via Google+

He said it, I don’t have much to add expect that this shit is fuckin dope. The drop at around 2:03 really proves his point. I get that warm fuzzy I’m back in my jungle-raving-youth feeling. I saw Rashad on new year’s eve here in Brooklyn and he killed it. A really fun set. Overall a fun party actually, grimy warehouse illegal vibes in Bushwick. Shout out to Mike Q, Lit City, Whore House and Cunt Mafia for that. I danced my ass off.

A trio of visionary DJ/producers from Chicago graced Mudd Up radio on WFMU last night: we had DJ Rashad, DJ Manny, and OG Traxman. They did back-to-back mixing, everyone playing unreleased original productions — a true glimpse of what’s to come!

Footwork spread in 2011, speeding up and weirding out dancefloors in NYC and beyond, so it was a real treat to have these guys come through to share the new.

STREAMING NOW: DJ Rupture’s Mudd Up January 4th show feat. DJ Rashad, Traxman, DJ Manny.

Since you all loved up that last footwork / juke post I made I figured I’d share a video piece that Wills Glasspiegel who did the audio I posted did, I assume on the same trip to Chicago.  Some of the material is the same but since it’s about dancing the visual is pretty key: watch those feet work!

Also Wills was nice enough to make the audio in the original post (below) downloadable for those of you who requested it for your filez.


Also Traxman who’s in the piece will be playing in NYC this Friday at an underground party at an undisclosed location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Also Total Freedom from LA!  Looks like there will be some footwork dancers there too.  Shout to Azizaman for putting it together, looks dope.  FB event here w/ info.

I am not involved with this but am showing it a bit of promo love because I remember what it was like trying to bring Grime artists to NYC when no one knew what it was but I just loved this new crazy music and wanted to share.  It ain’t easy! If you like this kind of stuff vote with your dancing feet.