The second episode of Dutty Artz Radio is up! Me (Matt Shadetek), DJ Rupture, Mosholu Park aka Lamin and Taliesin all got together in the basement of Dubspot to all DJ some short 20 minute sets and do the first episode of our new book club!

The book we talked about is Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower.

I chopped the audio into separate parts for your mp3 player pleasure.  We streamed it on UStream although somehow the video got lost. The full chat transcript is after the jump though so you can read back if you want.  We’ll be doing this weekly on Thursday nights at 7PM NYC time (EST) at

This coming Monday we’ll have a special edition after Dubspot Radio which is at 8 (and I also run) with special guests NGUZU NGUZU! YAAAAA!  We’re very excited


Raz Mesinai at Dubspot Radio
Raz Mesinai at Dubspot Radio

Me and Lamin are both working at Dubspot now and we are doing a new radio show out of the Dubspot basement!  It’s being streamed and podcasted.  Subscribe at the original post!

Our first guests on the Dubspot Radio Podcast are two New York heavyweights: Dave Q and Badawi.  Dave Q has played a pivotal role in bringing Dubstep to NYC through his respected Dub War parties and his forward looking DJ sets.  Badawi aka Raz Mesinai is a long time participant in many mutant strains of dub music in NY and internationally and has now teamed up with Dave Q to start The Index, their new label project.  Among his many activities Raz is also an instructor here at Dubspot teaching students to produce in Ableton Live.  The broadcast contains a mix by Dave Q playing from Serato followed by a short set from Raz on Ableton and at the end an interview with host Matt Shadetek.

Check out the mix and interview on Dubspot’s soundcloud:

Dubspot Radio Podcast: Ep. 1 Dave Q & Badawi by Dubspot

My new solo instrumental album Flowers is out!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

It took me a while to get this out, longer than I’d like considering it’s on my own label but now it’s out and it feels GOOD!  I love completing projects.  But it’s not done!  Now I have to actually sell some copies!  If you or your grandma or your friends on the internet would like to support the Dutty Artz movement and contribute to the cause of me buying diapers, catfood and continuing my lavish lifestyle for me and my young family that would be great!  There are many places to buy it.  Here is a list:


This is probably a good option if you want FLAC or any of those non-mp3 formats.
iTunes (USA):
If you buy here please write me a lavish review and give me five stars!  I deserve it!  If you’re browsing the store from your phone or whatever I am featured in front of the Electronic category in the USA store.

AND if you missed them you can get some free downloads including two songs from the album and a podcast DJ mix I did for XLR8R:

Download ‘Funny Cats’ from The FADER

Download ‘iHop’ from XLR8R

Download the podcast mix from XLR8R

Stream ‘Funny Cats’ from Soundcloud:

Funny Cats by mattshadetek

“iHop” excels as a futuristic dubstep number with its focus on strong shuffling rhythms, thick bass melodies, and soulful, pitch-shifted vocal sampling on par with UK funky’s finest” – Patric Fallon, XLR8R

“excellent throughout… It’s always possible that he just went so deep into Detroit that he arrived in Africa by mistake.” – Eddie Stats, The Fader

Matt Shadetek – iHop

Earlier this afternoon, the good folks over at XLR8R liberated a track “iHop” from Flowers, Matt Shadetek’s first solo instrumental album which drops June 8th – just a couple of weeks from now. This will be the first time we announce the album on this blog! We’re all excited about Flowers, which is Matt’s most beautiful and light-hearted work to date.  Read Patric Fallon’s review and download the tune at XLR8R.

New York Ravers, next weekend come get dutty with me on Saturday night at an underground party in Soho details here. Thanks to everyone who came out to Oceans of Blood and skanked out this past Friday, great party. Seems like I’m getting asked more and more to play at these underground jams in informal locations more and more, I’m really happy to see them happening again after many years of being verrrry bored going to regular clubs in NYC. Support these events and let’s keep ’em happening.

Heatwave continuing to hott up the funky bashment axis. This time with a nice Natalie Storm – now crowned The Queen of Funky Bashment – over Footsteps “Worker” funky riddim. I’ve been playing this riddim a lot in my dj sets for the past few months and it always works, cool to hear Nats on it.

Natalie Storm & Footsteps – Play Di Ting (The Heatwave Refix) by GabrielHeatwave


Erykah Badu – Love

Alright, Spring is here & Miss Badu has blessed us with yet another extremely good album.  I’ve returned to it already a few times this week — New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh). At first, I was unsatisfied (I had that same feeling when I heard Worldwide Underground, as if the project was unfinished/not completely realized) but for New Amerykah Part Two, with each listen, something magnificent is revealed –subtle, satiric undertones buried in samples, live instrumentation, and that voice – raw emotional honesty (+ sometimes turbulence.) I’ve said it before, if you think Erykah Badu’s music is only serious/militant/political/etc. — which it obviously is — you’re missing the point.  She’s more playful, more humorous than she’s often credited for, and this album has some of the most amusing moments in R&B you’ll hear this year.


“Heavy As Stone” by Mark Pritchard
from Elephant Dub / Heavy As Stone “12 – it’s a real no-brainer!

These are not not normal times. We are in the midst of another major winter storm in Brooklyn, NY (and our neighboring east coast cities and towns are witnessing/feeling the wrath of Old Man Winter.) Mala’s Deep Medi Musik released this superb 12″ from Mark Pritchard a few days ago. Side A is probably more apt for the weather (wet and heavy snow + smouldering xtra-subs = murky funk for dead bodies) but I’ve decided go with the flip because it melds many beautiful things together easily and well! It’s also warm – Tell the people of earth to be strong / You’re as heavy as stone / You are never alone…

Cool Dutty Artz interview/mini-doc featuring Shadetek and Jahdan over at XLR8R – part of their Labels We Love Series. Check iTunes for XLR8R Presents Labels We Love, Vol. 1 featuring a new tune from Chief Boima titled “Techno Rumba” (an official release will be out soon) and the Jahdan Blakkamoore banger “Buss It Pon Dem” (produced by Chancha Via Circuito.)


Sticky‘s “Jumeirah Riddim” has been out for some time. It is a massive tune that has appeared on several dope funky mixes.  This Natalie Storm version titled “Look Pon Me” is simply undeniable – sweet, catchy bashment/funky monster.  & don’t sleep, look for the 12″ out on Mixpak – it boasts a Dexplicit remix, guaranteed heat!

if there has been one name that’s stuck out for me recently, out of all the radio rips and whatnot i’ve been running thru, it’s oneman. this guy has consistently thrown down spontaneous, diverse, hype sets that mix up the old and the new without sounding scattered or all over the place. Serving up a gang of old school garage, funky, grime, dubstep and PURPLE, his sets seldom disappoint. If like me, you’re just getting wind of this guy, there is a bunch of material for you to get through:

on rinse Nov 19th 2009

on rinse Nov 5th 2009

on rinse may 7th 2009



The Spit Brothers – Roll And Tumble (Bakir And Dubsworth’s VIP Mix)

Amazing new release from Dubs Alive! This is the B-side, pure sweetness, guitar, melodica rolling on top some clean/almost too perfect subs, great drums & percussion sounds too! West Coast badman DZ (I have been enjoying his tunes for a good minute now) blessed the A-side with two rootsy riddims, and “Jah Prayer” is excellent, absolutely marvelous.  Check for the Spits Brothers “Roll and Tumble” original version here, along with their other great tunes. Also, keep an eye out for Bakir and Dubsworth.