Downliners Sekt – “All I Can Hear Now” from Meet the Decline [downliner-sekt, 2011]


This group prefers to leave their identities and backgrounds abstract.
They have been described by reviewers as a group of unique “possibly Spanish” artists creating their own blend of electronic and rock music.
All their work is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License for anyone to have and share freely http://downliners-sekt.com

If you ask nicely they will probably let you use their music in derivative works.

Certainly, after “I Used To Get It In Ohio” Cam’ron was official back. He had everyone scratching their heads with the recession rap banger “I Hate My Job”–seriously, rapping from the perspective of the everyday workingwoman–long way from the pink chinchillas and lamborghinis. Check the video below.

Yesterday, this completely absurd track with Soulja Boy-style hook leaked. Welcome back, Killa!


Cam’ron – Cookies & Apple Juice


Recession Rap Jams,  follow protocol



* the Hungarian people- as an explanation from a cultural minister as to why everything in Budapest is decaying into a fine silt.

Refix of a classifc for '09 from the infatiguable Adam R. Garcia
I’m feeling optimistic so check this refix of a classic from indefatigable designer Adam R. Garcia

I have just moved to Hungary to take up my position as the newly minted central/eastern (depending on your cartographic/geopolitical inclinations) European D.A. correspondent. I thought I might give you a short timeline cribbed from the BBC.

1526 – Ottoman Turks defeat forces of Hungarian king at Battle of Mohacs

And lots of other shit happened (roughly in the order of Austro-Hungarian Empire, Communists, Nazis, Communists, Democracy, NATO, and finally EU membership) as well…. but this one point will augment my main observation about the city….

1. Budapest  is  OLD (meaning you can still go enjoy a sunday floating in the medicinal baths built by the Ottomans in the middle of the 16th century)
2. It’s also really fucking cold (meaning that it is hard to imagine anything nicer then spending sunday floating  in the medicinal baths built by the Ottomans in the middle of the 16th century)

Quality of life here for an expat tourist/student like myself (especially given that my money is kept in dollars) is high. Amazing affordable food, cheap housing with 20 ft. ceilings and all that….. but rather then bore you with a Rick Steve’s travelogue… here’s my latest mix (recorded for the helpful hotlinkers over at BassFaced)  finally coming to rest at home- recorded way back in 08….Now that I am in Hungary, my  lack of turntables is pushing me towards ableton, so expect original tunes and mechanically tinged mixes soon…

 Taliesin “Apricity” 66.9 MB


“?????” – Kubo Remix
Dev79 – In Ya Face
CardoPusher – Low End Legacy
Vybz Kartel – Empire Army
Dead Prez – Politrikkks
Wisp – Whisper
Thark – Apatia
BD-1982 – Seeing Orange
Connor- Belles
Aleister Crowley – Gnostic Mass
Duran Duran Duran – Unholy Dracula Vagina Alien
Flying Lo – RobertaFlack (feat. Dolly)
David Banner – Shawty Say (feat. Weezy)
Saigon – Come on Baby (Inst.)
Mali – Pale Twop
Shit Mat – Big Ben’s Big Remix
Jahdan Blakkamoore – Bus it Pon Dem
Small Professor – Kelis

Also if you happen to be in Europe, Ill be taking much of April and May (and various weekend trips) to tour the continent- so be in touch- either for bookings, or just to go out for a drink somewhere along the way.

19. The Spectacle is heir to all the weakness of the project of Western Philosophy… So far from realizing philosophy, the spectacle philosophizes reality, and turns the material life of everyone into a universe of speculation.

A platform is a context, medium or venue for the presentation of people, events, objects or information. An art gallery is a platform, as is a radio show, as is a TV variety show, as is a magazine, as is a certain kind of website (YouTube, Flickr, MySpace). One who invents a platform and works actively with it as a medium for the presentation of others is a “platformist.” The platformist is a kind of artist—an artist at presenting others. This presentation of others—of all the world’s variety, whether it’s people or objects—is the territory of the producer, the impresario and the collector. Platforming as a conscious pursuit is a fairly recent development in our evolution. We look to P. T. Barnum for its roots.

If in the 16th century “printing… helped to fix the vernacular languages and encouraged the development of national literatures”- then is the fear of a homogenizing effect on thought and culture not be feared as a result of the internet?…One fact must not be lost sight of: the printer and the bookseller worked above all and from the beginning for profit.

VII. For the critic, his colleagues are the higher authority. Not the public. Still less, posterity.///The survival of artworks should be represented from the standpoint of their struggle for existence.///[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VrogNec03Y&feature=channel_page[/youtube] ///I sense (false?) that my internet consumption is somehow constituting myself. Maybe this is because the data flow that defines my consumption is so easily tracked and knowable. Meaning there is a specific history and cache that I can look to that says that in the last tracking period, I have visited XYZ and in most cases anyone else with an internet connection could take that list and exactly follow my path. The imperative of societies of control is data accumulation, and manipulation. The dark paradox is that increasingly, users submit this data themselves. When we talk of the ideology of late stage capitalism and its tendency towards reducing people to things, and causing individuals to also perform this reduction, we should look to digital representation as the strongest evidence yet in proving these tendencies. What users often don’t seem to realize is that “submitting data,” making yourself traceable, reducible, a most importantly predictable isn’t just about representation that mirrors offline ways of knowing. Posting photos of yourself, or submitting your interests and sending your friends youtube links is really only the visible aspect of systems of total control and dominance that underpin that vast consumptive possibilities of the internet.///I don’t think the internet reinvents cultural production. More likely it has merely hypertrophied some aspects, while allowing other to wither.

Space + Place Overcome- but if you havn’t gone a/post-spatial yet
and find yourself somewhere around NYC (copy/paste)

Tuesday, December 16th, 6:30 pm EFA Project Space
Jeff Stark leads a conversation with Graffiti Research Lab’s James Powderly, the Mare Liberum collective, Jeanine Oleson, and Cḥen Tamir, exploring the rationale, responsibilities, risks and benefits of forms of artistic expression that occur outside of the boundaries of the conventional art world, and how these creative forms—such as interference, prank, and viral culture—serve to continually redefine those boundaries. -The lecture is called DIY law breaking- but in some sense i wonder if all law breaking is DIY- but maybe not

Friend of Dutty Artz and always fascinating Timeblind has a new dubstep mix up on Samurai FM.

Dubstep, dub reggae, sheets of noise, 4×4 beats and… stuff

As with everything he does, it is deeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I recommend.

Dive in.

(scroll to bottom of that page to stream the mix, no direct link)

GIF at top is from Timeblinds myspace, I have no idea either.

today i realized that im leaving for europe in a few hours, rather than a day & half from now… SO. MUCH. TO. DO. B4 LIFTOFF.

so my brain feels like MC Smear’s gifford — you caught her slow, now watch her go, and/or follow his rabbithole in the world of paral-lel utubeuniverses

dates for my Euro jaunt can be found on myspace, and the next US gig is this one in SF (flyer below). ALL KUMBIA ALL THE TIME, aka Tropical Storm Bersa con Zizek Gang desde Buenos Aires!!!!

(we havent started talking about the DUTTY ARTZ BK PARTY on March 21st b/c we’re too busy lighting the studio on fire)