Certainly, after “I Used To Get It In Ohio” Cam’ron was official back. He had everyone scratching their heads with the recession rap banger “I Hate My Job”–seriously, rapping from the perspective of the everyday workingwoman–long way from the pink chinchillas and lamborghinis. Check the video below.

Yesterday, this completely absurd track with Soulja Boy-style hook leaked. Welcome back, Killa!


Cam’ron – Cookies & Apple Juice


Recession Rap Jams,  follow protocol




  1. I can relate Cam. Fuck a motherfucking job. This is a good look for him, I’ll bet a lot more people can feel this than all that I’m rich rap right now. Nobody I know is fucking rich.

  2. Just listened to Get it in Ohio.

    “You will look like a gyro”

    it’s official. Cam is back deeply.

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