I have recently returned from a trip around Europe, where I played a few gigs, and attended Womex and the Impakt! Festival. Check out my tour mix, and an interview and mix I did for Africanhiphop.com’s radio show in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

This week I’m back in New York, and I’m not the only one returning. New York is in for a big week showcasing some of Africa’s most internationally popular genres. Read on for a little round up of fun upcoming shows.


Here’s something I put together recently and gave it to our friends over at WEIRD MAGIC. I forgot to post it here. It’s a bit obscure. It features John Cage, Nia Long, Hype Williams, Delany, Gianna, Friday, Freud, Macchi, and more.

“an obscure, psychedelic ride from the masterful lamin fofana, who’s consistently impressed me with his productions, djing, mixes, human presence, and now he’s about to begin playing live shows (and will be playing one of our brooklyn events next month, deets to come). safe to say, this man is the truth.” ~ WEIRD MAGIC

Pleasure by lamin fofana

CageHop- a month-long celebration of Cage’s work — and Cage-inspired work currently happening in NYC.

Last night I hit the decks to put together 22 minutes of summer, blended and intensified for your listening pleasure. Stream below. Direct download here [50 MB]. Better yet, we’d love to see you at the party I’m throwing with Dutty Artz crew @ Glasslands in Williamsburg *tonight*! Here’s my original post about the event, a combination birthday party (let’s roar, fellow leos!), fundraiser, and dutty wine dance up.

This Wednesday, Gang Gang Dance’s Brian DeGraw stopped by my WFMU show to drop a deep hourlong DJ set. Brian does electronics in GGD and is deadly on the decks, too. Open ears will be rewarded. Now only that, but during the interview we learn that lately Brian has been feeling the tribal guarachero from Mexico! The radio show is now streaming:

Be sure to check out Brian’s visual art as well; he thinks across stylistic & formal boundaries, with consistently fresh results.

Day at the Office from Brian DeGraw.

Peace good peoples. I’m new around here, so thanks firstly to Jace for having me. This here is a mix from my group Old Money for the good folks at VANE. Less a compilation of “the new hot shit” and more so genuine touchstones of influence for us. A cpl unreleased jawns on there from us, as well as one from Boima’s forthcoming African In New York. I’m really and truly still amazed that Boima managed to make me like that Usher song.
Vanity Jukebox Vol. 13 Pretty Danger Mixed by Old Money by sotrvanenyc
1. Mad One – House Girls 7 – No War Inside
2. Old Money – [untitled]
3. DJ Mujava – Mugwanti / Sgwejegweje
4. DJ Tira – I Wont Let You Go
5. Old Money – Mothership [unreleased]
6. Nina Simone – See-Line Woman
7. Rebirth Brass Band – Feel Like Funkin’ It Up
8. Outkast – Spottieottiedopalicious (Nacey Remix)
9. Isa GT – Funketa
10. Kes The Band – Wotless
11. Crystal Waters – What I Need (Club Mix)
12. Maluca + The Party Squad – Lola (Ging Danga)
13. Usher – DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (Chief Boima Remix)
14. Lil Silva feat. Sampha – On Your Own
15. Gel̼-Six РIn The Building
16. Baobinga & I.D. – Man Down
17. Jhene Aiko – Club Stranger (Nguzunguzu Remix)


Also – our most recent video – “Dolla Van (Acuras, Maximas, Cressidas& Celicas)”


Also – one of the primary of the say 8 or 9 elements that influenced it – Lost Boyz – “Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz”


S/o the OG “urban” brands in the vid. Mecca USA, Walker Wear and the like. And RIP Freaky Tah. If you’ve been living this long w/o Legal Drug Money you’ve been living foul!

Look Flyer
Dreams come true! Sometimes it’s confusing bc I assume everyone that reads DA also reads and follows everyone else that I follow and then I realize we haven’t been repping our close friends nearly as much as we should be. BUT FOR REAL IF U DONT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS BUNCH YOU ARE LOST AS FUCK. BUT IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO GET ON BOARD. We need more genius level thinkers giving their minds to think about media and what our futures SHOULD/CAN look like. XLR8R made a weird/clueless April Fools joke about Angela Davis inviting Venus to a conference as if to undermine any possibility of the political in cultural practice- which then begs the question that when they ride for Kingdom or Mike Q or ball room or anything if it is just purely about positioning within the emergence of cool and totally devoid from any sense of the importance of building safe spaces or supporting radical aesthetics. Whatever, dude’s probably just feel uncomfortable. ANYWAYS- this is a great week for music and one step closer to the global think tank I dream about.

DJs Ripley, D’hana, and Rizzla!
10pm, 21+, FREE
Public Assembly, Back Room
70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn

This Thursday, come celebrate with us as we party with three of our favorite DJs: D’hana (NuLIfe/Chubrub) Rizzla (NuLife productions, Fade To Mind) and the soon-to-be-New Yorker Dj Ripley (Surya Dub). All three are in town taking part in the Radical Aesthetics and Politics Conference at Hunter. (There sounds like a bunch of dope presentations at the all day Friday conference event- but they are saving the best for last in what hopefully will be a dope panel discussion 4:30 – 6:00 PM Panel 8: We come alive: making exilic spaces for remixing social life) SIGN UP FOR FREE


* * *

D’hana Perry came of age as a DJ in Boston’s queer nightlife scene and has evolved, transcending expectations and catering to a wide range of diverse crowds. S/he was nominated as best DJ in the 2010 Boston Phoenix Reader’s Poll, and the mixtape NU LIFE Vol. 1, released with Rizzla, garnered attention from Fader Magazine, and Discobelle among other notable online publications. Perry has worked with rising stars in global bass and house music, queer culture icons and media studies mavens including: NGUZUNGUZU, Total Freedom, Robyn, M.E.N, Kingdom & VenusX.

* * *

“By night DJ Ripley is a bass music luminary, sharing stages with everyone from DJ Assault to Dizzee Rascal and Flying Lotus, and has been an instrumental member of some of the world’s most forward-thinking DJ collectives. The rest of the time, she is Larisa Mann: journalist, legal ethnographer and economic historian, wrecking the ivory tower of intellectual property law with her research on music production in Jamaica.” – Fader Magazine



* * *

“Rizzla, aka Brian Friedberg, is an M.A. student in the curation of the carnivalesque…a regular at Zuzu’s, Milky Way and Middlesex, mixing and matching the slinkiest and slackest of hip-hop, dancehall, soca, house, nu world beats and unexpected rave musics, Rizzla will do everything he can to keep the party going.”

Nu Life Mix – Jan ’11 by rizzla_dj

I spent most of the week layed up in bed with a sinus infection. I knew when I got on at Sweatlodge last night it would have to be on a majorly holistic tip. Here’s a couple burners that were new to me that won’t be leaving my crates anytime soon.

This trill cannot be duplicated says Venus X — and Drake retweets! — but it can be streamed. Last Monday’s radio show with special guest Venus X had the future turned up real high, just the way we like it. She did two fantastic, imaginative, busy-on-the-decks sets that put y’all lazy/conservative/chase-the-genre-of-the-minute DJs to shame. During the interview section we learned all about the American Gothic, Venus’s DJ roots,and lots more.

Check it out:

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I just finished a new hour-long mixtape, made with writer Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts and inspired by the sounds of Harlem. The project is the second edition of the Cities Mixtape series by Milan-based DOMUS, a magazine focusing on design, architecture and urbanism. This mix is titled “Harlem Is Nowhere”, after Sharifa’s new book which, in turn, borrows the phrase from a 1948 essay by Ralph Ellison. You can stream or download the mix here, and read our write-up, which begins:

Once, a group of tourists were asked what came to mind when they heard the word “Harlem”: some said “music” and the others said “riots.” The connection between the two is a story for another time. This Harlem mixtape is born of our own free associations: For Rupture, Francophone songs sold by scowling Africans along 116th, or old soul and R&B memories being hawked alongside the now-thing bootlegs across 125th; for Sharifa, church sounds tumbling onto the streets and distorted strains of jazz heard from a boombox carted around by a wandering neighbor.


Here is a mono radio rip from a live DJ mix on WFMU a couple of weeks back. It’s jam packed with unreleased, exclusive killer Shadetek tracks! The tracklist is a little rough, but the unreleased joints – opening track “NIC U” and “Pterodactyl” are gleaming freshness not to be slept on!  Look out for his Dutty House EP coming out Tuesday!


Matt Shadetek – NIC U
Matt Shadetek – This Is Love
Matt Shadetek – Pterodactyl
Contakt – Not Forgotten
??? Dubbel Dutch Remix
Matt Shadetek & Lamin Fofana – Sunshine City
Black Ryno – Nuh Take Talk (Matt Shadetek Remix)
Matt Shadetek – Delta
Kingdom – Bust Broke
Mayster & Contakt – Korak
??? Secret Agent Gel Rimix
Maxwell D – Going Away
SBTRKT & Sampha – Evening Glow
Matt Shadetek & DJ /rupture – Sunset B35
Chief Boima – Techno Rumba (DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek Remix)

I’m in the near south with family and friends observing yet another fucked up and annoying holiday – this one associated with the genocide of indigenous Americans. While unpacking my bags after the journey, and thinking about stuffing and delicious chocolate and pecan pies, I turned on a new mix from a trio of young, Afrocentric DJs – Crowdkrushers, from the south of Germany – a town called Tübingen. The mix was commissioned by Akwaaba Music to celebrate the netlabel’s second anniversary. It’s been two years already! Although I have lost count of the releases, Akwaaba remains consistent and continues to exposed us to some amazing music. So enjoy this mix, containing a healthy dose of fine Akwaaba Music.

A word from Crowdcrushers – “So this is our exclusive mix for Akwaaba Music. It‘s not so much all new and exclusive bangers but rather our impression of African music and its big influences on other musical territories (with one or two stylistic exceptions in the mix). We also kinda tried to give an idea of what we do in our club sets, not paying too much attention to tempo or style while keeping it funky and a wee bit humorous… Featuring Akwaaba artists Appietus, Ruff‘n‘Smooth, Kedjevara, Onyenze, Killamu, Dred Man-Gi and Arc Djebe. Hope you enjoy!”

Krush on Akwaaba by Akwaaba Music

[DJ Rupture in Knoxville Tennessee, presumably photographed by Cooper Neill]

Wanna hear what some of the jams from New York Tropical sound like in an active setting?

Here’s a radio rip of quick mix I did for the BBC which aired on Tom Ravenscroft’s show a few weeks back.  20 minutes of Rut-pure. The weird bit in the middle (when the beat vanishes and we’re left with Moroccan violin + a bruised synthesizer) is an outtake from my upcoming Nettle album, El Resplandor: The Shining In Dubai… more on THAT in a bit. But first, THIS:


Kelly Rowland — Like This (/rupture’s 33/45 mix)
Gucci Mane — She Geeked
Timeblind — Ontological Ground of Being (SOOT)
Gil Scott-Heron — New York Is Killing Me
King Abid — Yezz mel Viss
DJ Orion — The Undertow (DUTTY ARTZ)
Toy Selectah — Compay
? – Push: instrumental
Nettle — Assaiya Violin Shining (SOOT)
Rita Indiana — Los Poderes – Kingdom remix (DUTTY ARTZ)
Los Vlamers — Cumbia del Monte: Marquillos rebajada
DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek, and Chief Boima — Elegy for Mr Peach: Rupture mix (DUTTY ARTZ)

Tu connais le CIASTEP?


BABYLON RESIDENCE est le laboratoire des expériences musicales des Producteurs ANGELOSPI & GREENDOG, CIAFRICA

Voici l’Histoire

En ce temps Ninja Tune avait 20 ans
Spi a la crève d l’hiver. GreenDog le palu des tropiques. Barboza crie au loin.
Ces productions datent de 2003 à 2009

C’était le son du futur. Ca sonne clairement CIAstep


You know CIASTEP?


BABYLON RESIDENCE is the laboratory for the musical experiments of Producers ANGELOSPI & GREENDOG, CIAFRICA

Here’s the History

At the time Ninja Tune were 20
Spi has winter flu. GreenDog has tropical malaria. Barboza is shouting in the distance
These prods are from 2003-2009

It was the sound of the future. Clearly sounds CIAstep


Babylon Residence is sick.

History of BABYLON PART 1 produced by BABYLON RESIDENCE mixed by GREENDOG

1)Dubstrip remix
2)Canabella 2min18
3) 24 3min06
4)Skungha (intro) 3min39
5)Avancia 3min56
6)Corde Indus remix 4min16
7)Quadraspèremétal Harmonie 5min39
8)Passion off Green remix 6min 56
9)Phyzikochilik 7min21
10Dis moi 8 min41
11)Chacun sa voix 9min57
12)Boombass 11min15
13)Elephant Apooo 13min04
14)Methamorphose 14min10
15)kimielectra 14min51
16)Elecwarafrik 16min51
17)Industrialdark 18min04
18)Babylon advisory 18min53
19)Bad y live 21min58
20)Kartaket 24min07
21)Hohiss 25min02
22)Akwaba 27min33
23Bouge 29min
24)Afristepdub 29min43
25)Darl 30min39
26)Slarapoler 31min33
27)Psychi! a3 32 min 25
28)Océane rapace 34min19
29)Skulzz 35min55
30)NBT 3 37 min 30
31)vendsuisam 38min46


“DJ /rupture presents CIAfrica” @ amazon / ttl / boomkat

“MANUSA: La clé du puzzle” @ tunecore

i made this a few nights back. taliesin made GIF.

Lamin Fofana – #Calypso (or land of broken glass and the high world above manhattan)

Kuedo – Shutter Light Girl // Lucky Dragons – Realistic Rhythm // Killah Priest – Crusades // The Big Pink – Tonight (oOoOO Remix) // Ikonika – Yoshimitshu // Scissors and Sellotape – Chapter 4 // Mount Kimbie – Carbonated // Svpreme Fiend – Heartache VIP // Shed – Ostrich-Mountain-Square // Spoek Mathambo – Control // Alva Noto – Argonaut-Version (for Heiner Müller) // Oneohtrix Point Never – Preyouandi // Mike Ladd – Planet 10 // Mark Pritchard – Heavy As Stone // Digital Mystikz – Unexpected