A friend of mine and fellow Dubspot instructor DJ Shiftee just did this video for Native Instruments. It’s him chopping the fuck out of Dead Prez’s ‘Bigger Than Hiphop’ and a dubstep tune by Caspa called ‘Dub Warz’ (which by the way sounds like a blatant ripoff of Mondie’s ‘Straight Riddim’ grime tune, to me).

The performance is crazy. He’s using Traktor and Maschine from NI to chop and re-trigger the audio using cue-points. He did this to a tune of mine ‘Manhattan Timeslip’ from my album Flowers in the mix he did for the Dubspot Podcast, below, and it absolutely blew my mind. Listen to the original, and then check it out on his mix, it’s near the beginning.  Listen to what he did re-triggering the tones from the intro.  Mad.


Dubspot Radio Podcast: Ep 3 DJ Shiftee by Dubspot

Finally, he explains it all in this video.



New mix (Park Here) from our good friend Waer Rock/Culture System focusing on New York area producers making garage-y beats. This one is thick with unreleased jams from folks like Incyde, Peter Gunn, Mikey Dubs, and more – plus a track from our very own Matt Shadetek, “Beenie Eyes” from the album Flowers.

PS – I’m still here. Money calls, but indeed family is always first!

Matt Shadetek mixing in the Dubspot basement, photo by Kiva

While I’m posting about Dubspot radio you all might as well check out the mix that I did on it last week.  It’s me playing 140bpm stuff, a bunch of dubstep, garage and a bunch of stuff off Flowers including a few exclusive unreleased things including tracks from Jahdan Blakkamoore, Indigo Rex who’s one of my former students who’s coming along quite nicely and some other new stuff.  It starts off deep and cool and heats up.  At least the first half will help you stay cool.  The second half might make things worse.

New Brainfeeder artist Lorn did a cool mix too playing a bunch of whatever they’re calling all that new glitchy hip hop stuff.  Beat scene?  Wonky?  I don’t know, anyway there were some joints followed by an interview I did with him talking production and creative process.  I cringe listening to my voice BUT there were definitely some jewels getting dropped, hit the Dubspot Blog post to stream or download the audio and read the track lists.

On Monday we’re going to have guest Elliot Lipp and Dubspot’s own !bangInclude, the show is every Monday from 8-10PM EST.

We had a great session down in the Dubspot basement last Monday.  Dubspot’s own DJ Shiftee and Trouble and Bass’s Star Eyes came down and melted our brains.  Shiftee played an hour long set of full blast dubstep, electro whatever all expertly mangle-ated on Traktor and Maschine in real time.  It was exciting.  Star Eyes followed with an ill set of deep and largely un-released funky, garage, dubstep and grime(!) both from herself and a who’s who of the international underground dance music scene.  I always love hearing her play.   Hit the Dubspot blog to stream or download the two sets, sign up for the Dubspot Radio podcast (which is produced and hosted by me and Lamin) and log on with us every Monday on Ustream from 8-10PM EST to heat up your earz if they weren’t already hot enough in this fucked up heat wave we’re having.

The second episode of Dutty Artz Radio is up! Me (Matt Shadetek), DJ Rupture, Mosholu Park aka Lamin and Taliesin all got together in the basement of Dubspot to all DJ some short 20 minute sets and do the first episode of our new book club!

The book we talked about is Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower.

I chopped the audio into separate parts for your mp3 player pleasure.  We streamed it on UStream although somehow the video got lost. The full chat transcript is after the jump though so you can read back if you want.  We’ll be doing this weekly on Thursday nights at 7PM NYC time (EST) at http://www.ustream.tv/duttyartznyc

This coming Monday we’ll have a special edition after Dubspot Radio which is at 8 (and I also run) with special guests NGUZU NGUZU! YAAAAA!  We’re very excited


Raz Mesinai at Dubspot Radio
Raz Mesinai at Dubspot Radio

Me and Lamin are both working at Dubspot now and we are doing a new radio show out of the Dubspot basement!  It’s being streamed and podcasted.  Subscribe at the original post!

Our first guests on the Dubspot Radio Podcast are two New York heavyweights: Dave Q and Badawi.  Dave Q has played a pivotal role in bringing Dubstep to NYC through his respected Dub War parties and his forward looking DJ sets.  Badawi aka Raz Mesinai is a long time participant in many mutant strains of dub music in NY and internationally and has now teamed up with Dave Q to start The Index, their new label project.  Among his many activities Raz is also an instructor here at Dubspot teaching students to produce in Ableton Live.  The broadcast contains a mix by Dave Q playing from Serato followed by a short set from Raz on Ableton and at the end an interview with host Matt Shadetek.

Check out the mix and interview on Dubspot’s soundcloud:

Dubspot Radio Podcast: Ep. 1 Dave Q & Badawi by Dubspot

“A raspy-voiced and diminutive queer rapper in throwback-eighties-chic screams overtly sexual call-and-response commands. A special-ed teacher with the authoritative demeanor of an army TAC officer instructs you to “Walk it like a dog” and “Do the Jubilee All”, a middle-aged mother yells fighting words at a rival. All of this over frantic, break-neck beats sampled from a small smattering of funk and hip-hop oldies. This is the sound of New Orleans Bounce.  From darkened clubs to tricked-out cars, high school dances to neighborhood bars, family reunions, barbecues and birthday parties, New Orleans locals of all ages have been bouncing to “Dat Beat” since the early nineties, incorporating the rhythms and vocal styling of second-line street parades, undulating Caribbean and African dance moves, and stolen hooks ranging from Beyonce to Bill Haley. It’s the sound on the street in the City that Care Forgot,, the booty-shaking cousin to Miami Bass, Detroit Ghettotech, Baltimore Club, but with the chaos and audacity of punk, a spirit that reflects the chaos and audacity of the Crescent City that birthed Bounce music.

Disasster Prone [27:44 – 320Kbps]

A native Dirty Southerner and long-time New Orleans resident, Deejay Karo offers up this mix as a taste of Bounce from the last several years. These tracks were recorded off of burnt cd’s, traded back and forth by local dj’s, producers and performers and  bought out of car trunks beneath the live oaks of uptown or in beauty supply store parking lots. Because of this, making a track listing would be next to impossible, but here are the names of some of the performers and producers in the mix:
Blaq N Mild, Peacachoo, J Rock, Showbiz CJ, Big Freedia, Sissy Nobby,Magnolia Shorty, 10thWard Buck, Gotti Boi Chris, Katey Red, Smitty Out Da City, Monsta wit da Fade… Respect and Love to everyone featured and deepest apologies those we didn’t rep in this list”

And y’all know why it’s called Disaster Prone, y’heard?
Deejay Karo and DJ Beesknees
Stinging Caterpillar Sound System




FRIDAY MAY 21, 2010
171 east bway

Here’s DJ N-RON’s  M-C-M1 Mixtape to get you hype for the free party. Head over to Spannered, where it was originally posted for download link, tracklist, + info.


& from Reaganomics SoundCloud page:

E boi by dj reaganomics

20 meninas remix by dj reaganomics

fuego puro by dj reaganomics


I muddled these together about two weeks ago, somewhere between Alabama and Louisiana, while heading to Texas on that Green Owl biodiesel bus. I had been listening to Everyday Bullshit (a 3-track EP with two stunning joints – specifically “Always Sharp” and “Holki”) by ANS, a producer from Liberec, Czech Republic — and thinking about a way to include one of his tunes in my section of our Superfront mix. The mix was already crowded with some of my favorite recent dancehall bangers. I asked Gex if he had a roots joint to cool it out with, and he suggested some remix of “Hail The King,” but he also had the acapella for which he was unaware he had.  Anyway, I went straight for the acapella and five minutes later, threw up on top of ANS’s “Holki.” This is the result, with some minor vocal edits.

SUPERFRONT‘s “Architecture Mixtape” series launches tomorrow – Thursday, April 1st – at Studio X, with our own DJ /rupture sharing hosting duties with MITCH McEWEN, Founder and Director of SUPERFRONT – presenting recent exhibits curated in both SUPERFRONT’s Los Angeles and Brooklyn galleries. The audience will be invited to participate in a public program that integrates music and community organizing into the production of architectural discourse. Catalog publications and the DJ /rupture-produced soundtrack will be on display.

Superfront “Architecture Mixtape” has four sections – w/ Matt Shadetek dropping all all kinds of dutty dancehall wickedness, and Mosholu Park delivers more recent, ferocious, dancehall explosives, DJ /rupture blurs sublime dancehall riddims he acquired in Brooklyn over the years, and Taliesin’s section is heavy on the R&B side and it’s terrifically good fun!

Free and open to the public
RSVP: gdb210[at]columbia[dot]edu

180 Varick Street, Suite 1610
1 train to Houston Street

This is crazy. DJ Kiva is a friend who I met through teaching at Dubspot but who’s been active in NYC for a good while. He’s a wicked producer, musician and DJ. Among other things you may know him from his feature on ‘Underwater High Rise‘ from Solar Life Raft where he played guitar and percussion. He and I worked on this Beaterator project together for Dubspot and Rockstar Games where we went around to a bunch of schools in NYC and across the country and taught kids how to make music using Beaterator, which is a piece of music software that runs on the Sony PSP portable game system. It’s actually really cool and you can make surprisingly official beats on it, on the train, in the laundromat etc. On top of that it has a built in mic so you can sing on your track, play instruments into it, surreptitiously sample people on the train etc. Kiva, being the intensely creative dude that he is, has gone and made an albums worth of music on this thing in the couple of months he’s had it. And it sounds heavy. A particular favorite of mine is his cover of The Abyssinians ‘Satta Masa Gana’ with him singing and playing horns into the built in mic. MAD. Check it below, download it, show it to your friends.

BTR8ION by DJ Kiva

BTR8ION…NYC artist/producer DJ Kiva presents the world’s first album written & produced entirely on the Sony PSP Beaterator. Created while traveling streets, subways, and skies from Brooklyn to LA and laid out mixtape style…Beateration for the Nation!

01 Hollywood Starz
02 Situation feat. Channel Earth
03 Keep the Fire Burning
04 C’mon Y’all
05 Satta Massagana*
06 Bring Da Beat Back
07 Center of the Universe
08 Another Kind of Language
09 Mysyde
10 Era Unknown
11 Altitude
12 Back to My Galaxy

all music written, recorded, & produced by DJ Kiva © Adios Babylon 2010 on Sony PSP Beaterator.
* Satta Massagana written & originally recorded by the Abyssinians

if there has been one name that’s stuck out for me recently, out of all the radio rips and whatnot i’ve been running thru, it’s oneman. this guy has consistently thrown down spontaneous, diverse, hype sets that mix up the old and the new without sounding scattered or all over the place. Serving up a gang of old school garage, funky, grime, dubstep and PURPLE, his sets seldom disappoint. If like me, you’re just getting wind of this guy, there is a bunch of material for you to get through:

on rinse Nov 19th 2009

on rinse Nov 5th 2009

on rinse may 7th 2009

been knocking these for a minute, but I just got around to cutting them up. three guest mixes on mary anne hobbes’ experimental show, from a while back.


joy orbison

pearson sound

also, I picked up her new CD a while back. very heavy.

mary anne hobbes presents: wild angels (on bleep)