Matt Shadetek & Lorn on Dubspot Radio

Matt Shadetek mixing in the Dubspot basement, photo by Kiva

While I’m posting about Dubspot radio you all might as well check out the mix that I did on it last week.  It’s me playing 140bpm stuff, a bunch of dubstep, garage and a bunch of stuff off Flowers including a few exclusive unreleased things including tracks from Jahdan Blakkamoore, Indigo Rex who’s one of my former students who’s coming along quite nicely and some other new stuff.  It starts off deep and cool and heats up.  At least the first half will help you stay cool.  The second half might make things worse.

New Brainfeeder artist Lorn did a cool mix too playing a bunch of whatever they’re calling all that new glitchy hip hop stuff.  Beat scene?  Wonky?  I don’t know, anyway there were some joints followed by an interview I did with him talking production and creative process.  I cringe listening to my voice BUT there were definitely some jewels getting dropped, hit the Dubspot Blog post to stream or download the audio and read the track lists.

On Monday we’re going to have guest Elliot Lipp and Dubspot’s own !bangInclude, the show is every Monday from 8-10PM EST.