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All set? Alright, here it is-Recession Rap Podcast, a compilation of rap songs addressing the worldwide economic recession/depression, or more generally the everyday struggle and pain of financial pressure, the bread-n-butter hustle (or should that be food-n-gas?) that it comes it. Except for songs like Lil Wayne’s “Real Rap” which clearly is more about the post-Katrina nightmare that is now New Orleans and David Banner’s “Faith” which is about keeping faith and not collapsing or folding under pressure, nearly all of the raps here are directed at the economic suffering that is going on right now.

With that said, I’d also like to add that I did not necessarily/intentionally/exclusively look for a collection of rap voices of  depression or voices of the global gloom. In fact, some of the rap jams I have been posting here for the last few weeks are (on the contrary) very funny, and compassionate as well.  There’s a lot of struggle and darkness in the economic depression and it’s reflected in the music, but that’s not all it’s about.  For example, listen to Cam’ron’s “I Hate My Job”a song which is partly about a “everyday workingwoman,” whose job and workplace is toxic for her well-being ~financially, emotionally, and physically-“Being here 8 hours sure will get you nauseous...” On that same Cam’ron song listen to the chorus –“I put on my pants, put on shoes. / I pray to God, paid all my dues. / I’m trying to win, it seems like I was born to loose / All I can say…” It’s simple and very affecting, the virtue of getting up in the morning, putting your clothes on, one step at a time, and saying your prayer ~something struggling people do every morning, preparing themselves psychologically and spiritually for whatever the day brings, heartbreaks, knockdowns, and whatnot.

All the songs here are in that vein, impressive and amusing. It would have been impossible or just very lengthy if I had decided to cram all RRJs I gathered or posted, but I’m happy with this batch.  Download it, bump it in your car/ on your subway ride to work, play at home/ walk in the park, listen and enjoy.


Jahdan Blakkamoore Intro (Buzzrock Warrior coming soon on Dutty Artz)

Attitude f/ Jackie Chain – Money (off T.I.M. (Time Is Money) Warner Bros. Records 2009)

Gangsta Pill – Back Outside (off 4180: The Prescription mixtape, Grind Time 2009)

Cam’ron – I Hate My Job (from Crime Pays, Diplomat Records 2009)

Jadakiss f/ Barrington Levy – Hard Times (from The Last Kiss, Roc-A-Fella Records 2009)

G-Side f/ Shyft – Hit Da Block (from Starshipz & Rocketz, Slowmotion Soundz 2008)

Diata Sya – Saria (from Move It Chaleh! Akwaaba Music 2009)

Joell Ortiz – Bout My Money (off Free Agent, ???, 2009)

Kano – Paper (from 140 Grime Street, Bigger Picture Music 2008)

Rhymefest – Exodus 5.1(off El Che, J Records 2009)

Amanda Diva – Rebels (from Spandex, Rhymes, & Soul, DivaWorks Inc. 2009)

Young Jeezy – Circulate (off The Recession, Def Jam Records 2008)

Lil Wayne – Real Rap (off ???,??? 2009 )

David Banner – Faith (from The Greatest Story Ever Told, Universal Records 2009)

Willie Isz – In The Red (from Georgiavania, Lex Records 2009)

Good Enough!!

We’ve got a lot to give thanks for this week. The addition of Archer ‘Babytek’ Schell to the DA Fam. The forth coming family reunion this friday in Bed Stuy. and this….

Jahdan’s band Noble Society, winners of the I-tunes Reggae Album of the year are taking time off the grind to celebrate the release of their second full length, Take Charge.

OKAYPLAYER.COM had this to say…

“Noble Society is not your weed head uncle’s reggae band. Fronted by former Boot Camp Click affiliate, Jahdan, this Brooklyn outfit eschews the open, organic grooves of traditional roots music. Their ambitious debut, Take Charge is winter time reggae, world music for the new world order; a juxtaposition of the social and spiritual ruminations of vintage island music, the cold, claustrophobia of modern electronica, and the aggressive percussion of hip hop. When everything clicks, the urgency of the production adds heft to the fiery content that is characteristic of the genre, but often muted by the mellow bounce of the soundscapes. “

yep, brand new for 2009 we’re starting up a podcast featuring mixes / live set excerpts / etc from the DA familia.

to kick things off, here’s a chunk from my Porque Soy Sonidero Y Voy A Muchos Lugares mixtape. I did this one day last July to sell on tour w/ Jahdan Blakkamoore. folks have been asking so I may burn up more copies… until then:
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We’re new to this, let us know in the comments if something is funny with the podcast…



Walk Like An Egyptian – Pytter rmx

Fnaire – Sah Raoui

Shinehead – Jamaican in NY

DJ Lengua – track from DJ Lengua EP

some dubstep track at 45 instead of 33

Kelly Rowland aca

Colombiafrica interlude

Uproot Andy remixing Grupo Naidy

Max Ulis – Kill Anotha Sound