Pioneering Brooklyn-based deejay DLife and independent music and culture writer Rishi Bonneville are teaming up to fill what they see as a void in global bass music online: mixes with a heavy dose of soca. While the Trinidadian art form has recently gained popularity outside of Caribbean, mostly for its 100+ BPM and its festive themes, most American, European and Japanese encounters with the music involve a few select songs. (more…)

Sunday morning 9am to Noon, from January 2nd up to and including January 23rd, I’ll be playing music on WFMU-FM 91.1 Jersey City and 90.1 Hudson Valley, NY. I’m filling in for Jeff Sarge, who is recovering from a fall and not able to travel in for his Reggae Schoolroom show. Below is a download-able excerpt from a recent show, with me filling in for Jeff. Stream the entire broadcast here.


Velour – Booty Slammer
Matt Shadetek – Singularity
Memory Tapes – Treeship
Philip Jeck – Ark
Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Restructure 2
Various Production – Runaway
Krystal Klear – Tried For Your Love
Vondelpark – Backflip (In The Sauna)
The Caretaker – The Persistent Repetition Of Phrases
Jay Electronica – Jazzmatazz
Dadawah – Run Come Rally


The Optimist Creed c/o Optimist International


[DJ Rupture in Knoxville Tennessee, presumably photographed by Cooper Neill]

Wanna hear what some of the jams from New York Tropical sound like in an active setting?

Here’s a radio rip of quick mix I did for the BBC which aired on Tom Ravenscroft’s show a few weeks back.  20 minutes of Rut-pure. The weird bit in the middle (when the beat vanishes and we’re left with Moroccan violin + a bruised synthesizer) is an outtake from my upcoming Nettle album, El Resplandor: The Shining In Dubai… more on THAT in a bit. But first, THIS:


Kelly Rowland — Like This (/rupture’s 33/45 mix)
Gucci Mane — She Geeked
Timeblind — Ontological Ground of Being (SOOT)
Gil Scott-Heron — New York Is Killing Me
King Abid — Yezz mel Viss
DJ Orion — The Undertow (DUTTY ARTZ)
Toy Selectah — Compay
? – Push: instrumental
Nettle — Assaiya Violin Shining (SOOT)
Rita Indiana — Los Poderes – Kingdom remix (DUTTY ARTZ)
Los Vlamers — Cumbia del Monte: Marquillos rebajada
DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek, and Chief Boima — Elegy for Mr Peach: Rupture mix (DUTTY ARTZ)

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Two point one, baby! Woof! Moo!

For three years now I’ve hosted a show on WFMU (it’s rebroadcast weekly on a number of stations in Europe, such as Marseilles’ incredible Radio Grenouille 88.8 FM). FMU is a very progressive FM radio station when it comes to extending outward into the often-confusing world that Mr and Mrs Internet are building around us like an airy cage. WFMU’s archives are formidable – including the very useful accuplaylist function. Many shows (such as mine) are podcast, and our FREE iPhone app is, to put it humbly, utterly kick-ass. Now there’s a new version!

The biggest feature in version 2.1 is the ability to download shows for offline listening. For the cloud-averse among us, this is very good news. I like being offline (despite appearances to the contrary). In fact, I rock a jailbroken iPhone with a ‘regular’ phone service precisely so I can get the fun trix/touchy user interface and *not* have to buy an AT&T constant internet “data plan.” Because the idea of constant internet is vaguely terrifying. Because data diets can be as sexy/healthy as real diets. Because everything deserves an off-switch, or at least a pause button, especially if huge undersea cables and wireless beams of zeros & ones and post-panoptic auto-surveillance is involved. #JustSayin.

There’s also some twitteration & facebookability built in, plus the ability to leave live playlist comments, and a few other delightful whistles and useful bells. So.

The WFMU iPhone app. Always free, newly updated. Read about it on the WFMU blog, get it here (iTunes). Carry my show on the go, anywhere in this hot wired world, into the clouds… into the world of Applelicious DRM hell… and beyond…

The second episode of Dutty Artz Radio is up! Me (Matt Shadetek), DJ Rupture, Mosholu Park aka Lamin and Taliesin all got together in the basement of Dubspot to all DJ some short 20 minute sets and do the first episode of our new book club!

The book we talked about is Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower.

I chopped the audio into separate parts for your mp3 player pleasure.  We streamed it on UStream although somehow the video got lost. The full chat transcript is after the jump though so you can read back if you want.  We’ll be doing this weekly on Thursday nights at 7PM NYC time (EST) at

This coming Monday we’ll have a special edition after Dubspot Radio which is at 8 (and I also run) with special guests NGUZU NGUZU! YAAAAA!  We’re very excited



Dutty Artz podcast series brings some springtime treats deep from the Peruvian Amazon via the digger par-excellance, Sonido Martines, who spends incredible amounts of time & energy in obscure corners of Latin America searching out mindblowing music. Brother is far offline. So it’s great to hear that he’s gonna chime in over at La Congona regularly and will be selling some of his cumbia 45s soon…

Here’s his original mix description (en espanol). Which translates to something like:

This mix is a collection of vinyl rips: pure Amazonian cumbia! “El Sonambulo Orientalista (the Sleepwalking Orientalist)” includes songs from the gold and silver age of Peruvian cumbia, with groups from cities like Pucallpa, Tarapoto, Iquitos. Times when the western Peruvians wanted to present themselves via the modernity of amplified guitar strings, folkloric dress, and petro-dollar fantasies…

Nowadays the region’s tropical sound is different: other searches, other standards, the same business… but let’s save that for another post. Enjoy!

(This is part of our DUTTY ARTZ podcast series. You can subscribe via regular ‘podcatchers’ or iTunes .)

Sonido’s photos (below) show the works of Ashuco. “His paintings can be seen in bars, brothels, hotels, and various other spots around the city of Iquitos.”




[Filastine, photo: Wayne&Wax]

In support of his 2009 album, Dirty Bomb (amazon|itunes), Filastine circled the earth twice in a 100-stop tour that began at a squat in Jakarta, Indonesia, tore up Europe’s most respected festivals (Sonar, Transmediale, etc.), and ended in a cloud of tear-gas outside the Climate Summit in Copenhagen. For real. Brother is hardcore.

In a swirl of emotion and sheer exhaustion following the Copenhagen clash, Filastine lost his laptop & made this DJ mix on borrowed equipment while recovering in his Barcelona home base. We’re pleased to debut this mix, especially as it contains a heap of unreleased material from upcoming EP ‘Extra Dirty Bomb’.

Filastine doesn’t do DJ mixes very often – preferring to perform live with various bits of electronics, percussion (including shopping kart), and vocalist Nova (your favorite Indonesian rapper). That said, this is my fav Filastine mix to date. Nimble percussion, dark brass, bleeps, intense vocals, non-dull dubstep, grit. Also: French people like him.

A disfrutar!


(This is part of our DUTTY ARTZ podcast series. You can subscribe via regular ‘podcatchers’ or iTunes .)

track listing:

Infernal Noise Brigade- live in Mexico at street protest
Jazzsteppa- ??
Filastine/Cardopusher – Discontinuities (Singularities remixed- from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb)
Fnaire- Lalla Mennana
Filastine/Jahcoozi- Opium Den (Desordenador remixed- from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb)
Beats Antique- Oriental Uno (feat. Fanafara Kalashikov)
Oro 11- El Cangrejo
Arena & Etian acapella- Voces RebeldesXXXXX
Filastine/Ill Gates- Pharma Sutra (Fitnah remixed- from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb)
Filastine/Maga Bo- Batalha Cotidiana (B’talla remixed- from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb)
Chancha Via Circuito- Calzada
Foxdye- Foxdyechek Collision
Frikstailers- Sudaka Invasor
Tego Calderon- Diento de Oro cameo
Sonik Omi- Ye Jawani Hai Mera Jaan
Simbad- Airport Beat 1008
Jahdan Blakkamoore- Dem A Idiot (instrumental – prod. by Matt Shadetek & Modeselektor)
Amir Sulaiman- Danger
Sunship feat. Warrior Queen/ Sinden(remix)- Quits
Filastine/Deep Throat X- Con Las Manos En La Masa (remix, from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb)
Madera Limpia- La Lenta (Schlachthofbronx remix)
Bassnectar- Cozza Frenzy
Venetian Snares- Sabbath Dubs
Kray Twinz feat. Twista- What We Do
Suckafish P. Jones- Caribbean Nightmare Agent
Dubchild- Can’t Keep Me Down
Caving- Slimthug
Dog Murras (feat. Propria Lixa)- Vai Levar Galheta
Brasil 96- Batucada
Lightning Bolt- On Fire
Rhythm Collision featuring- Indian Street Music #3 / Sein Sah Thin / Tabuh Winangun Marga / Venetian Snares / Filastine / Drumcorps
Filastine- Como Fugitivos (instrumental version)

with words lifted from:
UK newscasters
Carl Sagan dubbed into castilian spanish
ANC Radio Freedom Broadcast, South Africa, 1969
a US Military Commander
Waking Life
The Century of Self
Spectres of the Spectrum
Slavoj Zizek
and more sources of lost origin

[picture of Little Fatma from Photoma’s World]



Bvdub – Return To Tonglu
RHy-s on – 2
Bijan Mofid – Shahreh Ghesseh, I & II
Co$$ feat. Blu – Angelic
Jamie Vexd – In System Travel
Zomby – Tears in the Rain
Dred Man-Gi feat. Nell – Não Ta Se Entender
Kasai Allstars – Tshitua fuila mbuloba
King Midas Sound – Cool Out
Alpha Blondy – Jerusalem
Cauto – Despartar
G-Side – Alpine Tick

it’s here & here & here also – big up Dave, Chris, and thecrookedclef for the uppage. in between the multiple daily posts of other people’s stuff, i manage to patch together a series of sounds, and it runs deep! i made it a few weeks ago, recorded some of it at WFMU-FM, edit in Logic.

Here’s an hour long mix Andy did for London’s Diesel U:Music Radio. Grab your passport.. we’re going all over the place. This one is a trip, all sorts of unexpected and pleasant stops — Soca, Dancehall, Merengue, Bullerengue, Coupe Decale, Zouglou, Funana, Punta, Dubstep, Crunk and Enjoy!



Not Known – Skream
Mujeres En El Party – DJ Buxxi & Jacky Style
Que Lo Que ta pasando – Kiko DJ
Get Up Stand Up – Bunji Garlin & T.O.K.
Coupe Decale – Dady Mory
El Baile de la Tortuga – Los Alfa 8
Mambo Million – Magic Juan
No Problems – Zion Child
Cookies & Apple Juice – Cam’ron
Kingston Town (Uproot Andy Remix) – Alborosie
Bring It On (Rusko Remix) – Leon Jean-Marie
Mi Alma se Muere Ft. Fuego (DJ Ricky Soca Version) – Omega
What You Know (Hard Times) – T.I.
That Day Will Come – Capleton
Funana Santiago РIz̩
Man A Man – Baby Cham
Unkown – Les Garagistes
Punta Rebane – Chicas Roland’s
Wha-La-La-Leng – Ghislain Poirier ft. Face-T
Hold the Line – Major Lazer ft. Mr. Lexx and Santigold
Faluma Ding – Faluma
Right Now (Chief Boima Remix) – Akon
My Love – Sizzla

dutty artz ny tropical

New York Tropical is exactly a week from today! Check the flyer – we are designers, you already know. To get ready, I have put a podcast together containing mostly women voices over beats and sounds composed by men. I wasn’t specifically looking for female voices on male constructed instrumentals, it just happened most of the tracks I gather are refixes and songs with women voices recorded by gentlemen producers (I was tempted to call this Women… In The Vicinity Of Men. Thankfully, I settled on Mousso.  We need some more gyals in here… too many man, too many, many man!


I was going to post the tracklist a little later but we all know how Björk feels about writers not giving credits, so here it is –

Umalali – Uruwei (The King)
Clouds featuring Tiiu – Protecting Hands Part 2
Oumou Sangar̩ РDugu Kamelemba
Bj̦rk РNattura (Switch Refix)
Geiom featuring Marita – Reminissin’ (Shackleton Refix)
Amadou & Mariam – Sabali
Taken By Trees – The Sweetness of Air France
Dirty Projectors – Stillness Is The Move
Various Production – Deadman (Milanese Remix)
Filastine featuring Jessika Skeletalia Kenney – Fitnah
Love Joys – Stranger
Tanya Stephens – It’s A Pity
TOTAL FREEDOM and NGUZUNGUZU – Total Ciara (Like You Refix)
Matt Shadetek – (Tanya Stephens) Can’t Breathe Remix
Nicki Minaj – Beam Me Up Scotty
Uproot Andy – El Botellón Remix

A few weeks ago, I saw a financial analyst on MSNBC who said that instead of worrying and despairing because the US economy is spiraling downward, Americans should be excited and imaginative, because it is easier to be the winner in an environment where so many people are loosing.  In most of the rap world, it’s forever boom-time and the global economic crisis is nonexistent.  Openly masking human suffering and frailty with good old fashion American hypermasculinity and boasts about one’s net worth has been the approach for radio-friendly rap artists for years, regardless of the current economic malaise.  Even when the world around is crumbling, these artists look beyond, ignoring immediate circumstances and continue to paint pictures of excess. There is no such thing as absurd, excessive balling.

To roughly quote something Hugh Masekela said – if you don’t talk about your people, their plight, injustice, struggle and you’re using their music to get rich and famous, you need your head examine, you will end up in a bad, bad place… well, a lot of people are living in that place already.

After posting that Young Capone track, and listening to the Rick Ross album (which has some surprisingly good and memorable moments) I was compelled to look at the other side of the trap/the majority/what is considered the norm to most rap listeners, or what has larger representation, Hot97 radio-playability (not to say Young Jeezy’s “Circulate” and Cam’rom’s “I Hate My Job” didn’t get played, because they did, but you are more likely to hear flamboyant and splurgy raps and attitude towards the recession.)  But this batch of tracks also features some relatively unknown/regional/up and coming rappers.

So here it is — Recession Proof Wallets for your listening pleasure. It is pretty nauseating.  It slows down in the second half, but really there’s no relief, except for the last track by UGK, adding a degree of levelheadedness and unquestionable swag, everything else here is bloated and unreal, insane and American–  so there, consider yourself warned.



Zshatwa – Fresh (Intro)
Rich Boy – It’s Over
Rick Ross – Magnificent feat. John Legend
Droop-E & B-Slimm – Think Fast
Young Capone – Dopeboyz (Show Out)
Gucci Mane – I’m The Shit
(((Talking That Money Shit Interlude)))
Fat Joe – Cupecakes feat. Benisour
Ju of D4L – Do It, Do It feat. Shawty Lo
KD – I Know U C Me
The Kid Datona – Lately feat. Amanda diva
Busta Rhymes – Hustlers Anthem ’09 feat. T-Pain
Wale – Penthouse Anthem
Pluck – Sick feat. ST 2 Lettaz (of G-Side) & Jackie Chain
UGK – Purse Come First feat. Big Gipp
(((McLuhan takes us out with An Inventory Of Effects)))


Next up in the Dutty Artz Podcast series, La Nueva Guaracha,  a great new mix from Geko Jones. If you stay up on this blog you know he and Dutty Artz amigo Uproot Andy have a party we call Que Bajo?! where they but a latin spin on the New York Tropical sound.

This is a snippet of the uptempo stuff Gex is playing around 2am at these parties. There’s also a quite a bit of glitched out and remixed cumbia, latin mashups, reggaeton and other sounds involved at the shows but we only have so much bandwidth. If you want to hear more be sure to pick up a copy the brand new Dutty Artz mixtape New York Tropical Vol 1 – Rupture vs Geko Jones available at the Glasslands party Friday March 27th.

Starting Thursday April 9th Que Bajo?! will be weekly at APT (409 W 13th St btw 9th ave/Washington in Madhattan)
stay chooned.


Olha o Beijo – Joao Linho
La Vida Vale La Pena- Petrona Martinez
Canto de Tucanes- Pedro Tapias (El Kuduro Sabroson remix by Reaganomics)
Kuduro Esaboka- DJ Prako
Juana La Caribe- Petrona Martinez
Ay Paloma (Geko Jones mashup)- La Reverenda
Los Olivos- Los Palos de DR
El Botellon (Uproot Andy remix)- Grupo Naidy

 matt shadetek's get drunk and lose your phone mix

New DJ mix from me, Matt Shadetek, that I put together to promote our party next Friday Mar. 27th at Glasslands in Brooklyn.  The mix is called “Get Drunk and Lose Your Phone”, which is precisely what I expect you to come out and do with us next week.  Don’t worry, you’ll get another one and probably find that cute girl’s number again, maybe.  I included tracks from Kingdom and Uproot Andy who will both be playing, along with some stuff by me of course.  The first tune is a brand new exclusive 4×4 Tropical remix of The Dream’s “Rockin’ That Shit” that I just made.  I love The Dream, his new album is great and is apparently doing really well.  If you had told me a few years ago I would be listening to and making housey R+B I would have laughed in your face.  Ha!  Here we are in 2009.  Anyway, enjoy the mix, it’s the third installment in our Dutty Artz Podcast, following Lamin’s Recession Rap Mix.

Here are links for subscribing to the podcast: this one for regular ‘podcatchers’ and this one for iTunes icon itunes smaller.

Note: Link change from this afternoon to fix iTunes compatibility, if you were linked directly update yr links.




1. The Dream – Rockin’ That Shit (Matt Shadetek Tropical Mix)

2. Schlachthof Bronx – We Nah Fraid

3. Kingdom – Mindreader feat. Shyvonne

4. Noite e Dia Ft. Puto Prata vs Quantic – Mana Dança Só (Uproot Andy Remix)

5. Blak Ryno -Ay Ya Ay Ya

6. Jahdan Blakkamoore – Go Round Payola (Matt Shadetek Bye Haters Remix)

7. Zomby – Strange Fruit

8. Jahdan Blakkamoore – Nice Green (Matt Shadetek Nice Ghost Remix)

9.  Grupo Naidy – El Botellón (Uproot Andy Remix)

10. Vybz Kartel – Rampin’ Shop feat. Spice

new york tropical 6