when does a battle mix become a ceasefire mix? avant-garde was originally a military term – the foremost guard in the army advancing into conflict. battle mix. myself and jon hanuman. the peace was brokered by the abstractor blog (based in Caracas/Barcelona/Elsewhere) and is therefore bilingüe.

it’s available with tracklist and even interview here.

here’s a couple of my selections in full. happy to spread the love/weaponry further. requests down below…

first, an old UK Garage cut from 99. future garage is a simultaneously occurring future which is also happening in the past…

m dubs feat lady saw – bump n grind (original mix feat secret agent)


second: adesh samroo is from trinidad. he makes chutney soca (that’s soca made by trinidad and guyana’s large populations of south asian – imperial – extraction). This tune is from his ‘thanks to all’ album. It makes a good case as to why cat meat is better than dog meat.

adesh samaroo – D’ dog bone


= summer.

in London we have mangy urban wheat fields where one can sit and hear passing subs through the bones.

and on that topic,

stush has been around for a while now. crucially, on dollar sign produced by sticky, also on (not this) remix of that lisa maffia tune, also live, also with sway (UK sway – don’t get confused), also top 10 with groove armada (but you still nah see me), also:

in a UK funky / funky bashment style on hard house banton’s sirens riddim:

stush – we nah run (sirens riddim)

this tune sounds like (being in/driving/not driving/standing outside) cars.

stush copy

from October, David Harvey‘s notes on the dynamics of the recession. one for the NYC/USA-centric.

A financial Katrina – epic name, stick with him. slides etc. here.

“We have to be prepared to call this a class phenomena. It is robbery of one segment of the population to the benefit of another segment of the population”

Here’s a suitably ephemeral and hard piece of music from Ben Frost. A man based in a country whose economy has recently collapsed. (aside – to see the IMF now step in is a worrying thought for the environment in a country teeming with natural, sellable resources.)

Ben Frost – Stomp

image by PSJM via.

Peckham own giggs is moving with hype. bishop’s son, lover of explosion effects and all round gatekeeper tim westwood had him on national radio here (he starts slow – have patience). people who think hiphop has to have to do with NYC locality might not like – but can we say poly-locality? with a tea-towel. here again with hidden extra limbs (like stitch). jungle bricks are krome and time’s license remix. btw – gigz is gigs is giggs is giggz – oral culture and youtube phonetics allows for poly-spellings with spare scraps sprinkled. like a portion of chips.


giggs – ting dem (wtc license mashup) //

at the ambassadors reception… those who keep following the truck stay strong – keep breathing exhaust. the black lung is a test. hold it up like a teuton with a shoulder bag full of dubs. which is to say that the soca twins have given away a double mix of summer08 soca. LDN take note this saturday… mighty sparrow, fay ann lyons, kevin lyttle & jamesy p in town. rain rain go away, come again another day.

Soca Twins – Addicted to Soca CD1

Soca Twins – Addicted to Soca CD2

heavy stones still skim. uk hip hop 1998-present. occasionally condensed / unobtrusively mixed. non-exhaustive. mostly from SE LDN. hold tight Penge.

a brief uk hiphop mix 31 mins

Blak Twang – 19 Long Time (blue print)
MC D – Priceless (produced by Deckwrecka) (ronin)
Skeme & Seanie T – Survival (produced by Keith Lawrence) (beat oven)
New Flesh – 186000 Miles (Skitz Remix) (big dada)
Extremists – No Tears (produced by Skitz) (titan sounds)
Genesis Elijah feat. Klashnekoff – Jah Bless (produced by Non Slick) (dominant 3rd/country boy)
Seanie T – Muzik Ed Special (produced by Keith Lawrence) (muzik ed)
Roots Manuva f/ Fallacy, Rodney P, Blackitude, Big P & Skeme – Witness the Swords (produced by Lord Gosh) (big dada)


sketchy victorian dinosaurs, crystal palace park

which gamelan is the craziest? some performers of the javanese style told me (and would no doubt tell you) that balinese gamelan is noisy, rough and too fast. great. (de)-tuned drums, 88 and more.

Balinese Legong / from

…and the dance. watch the eyes. “I was a bit hesitant to upload this video because I find the dancers’ movements to be somewhat unrefined and a bit too frenetic.


london’s 23 Skidoo started out in the late 70s playing industrial/post-punk and moved into dub and breaks before forming ronin records (one of the best UK hiphop labels). inbetween this, the band spent a lot of time in indonesia… and released a record called urban gamelan. wot u call it? police cars with gongs on the roof rack clang across the intersection.

23 Skidoo – Sirens


We made it a tribute to African women, because African women are defined by the shape of their bottoms” – DJ mix

wah? The BBC on coupe decale… (from). mysterious injections in the back end of markets. creams may be another possibility.

The dance that launched a thousand body modifications:[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dH-4T6fwpw[/youtube]

you know Al Gore’s image consultants also told him to bulk up, so he look more elder-statesman-like? everyone loves a big batty (& it’s a man’s dance too).

I do the bobaraba because I already have a big bum. When I dance, everyone looks at me.” – unidentified source

[[Oye familia! — one of my favorite inter-peoples, Word the Cat, will be duttying things up in here from time to time! lets WELCOME THE CAT -Rupture]]

the road mix strips it down to the drums. follow the truck. more haste less speed. it’s carnival time.

this mix still breathing exhaust

sanell dempster – heat (road mix)
fay ann lyons – get on (dizipline road mix)
kes the band – de remedy (badman dizipline road mix)
machel montano – blazin d trail (road mix)
roy cape all stars f/ blaxx – breathless (road mix)
roy cape all stars f/ blaxx – breathless (illusion mix)
one republic f/ timbaland – apologyze (dizipline soca mix)

carnival starts with j’ouvert. I-Wayne said soca is “dancing with demons“. that’s just people getting open in the masquerade… 3canal bring dutty mas. paint and mud.

They say mas’ is a jumbie. It just gets inside your blood. It don’t make sense… For the rest of the year you are not going to take off your clothes and put nastiness on your body and walk down the road and wine on your head and jump with strange men. It requires taking a certain amount of risk. There is that dark, scary element to it. It is a literal journey from darkness into light.from.

soca resources: masala / soca lime / cyan wait / more 3canal / chutney soca mix