[[Oye familia! — one of my favorite inter-peoples, Word the Cat, will be duttying things up in here from time to time! lets WELCOME THE CAT -Rupture]]

the road mix strips it down to the drums. follow the truck. more haste less speed. it’s carnival time.

this mix still breathing exhaust

sanell dempster – heat (road mix)
fay ann lyons – get on (dizipline road mix)
kes the band – de remedy (badman dizipline road mix)
machel montano – blazin d trail (road mix)
roy cape all stars f/ blaxx – breathless (road mix)
roy cape all stars f/ blaxx – breathless (illusion mix)
one republic f/ timbaland – apologyze (dizipline soca mix)

carnival starts with j’ouvert. I-Wayne said soca is “dancing with demons“. that’s just people getting open in the masquerade… 3canal bring dutty mas. paint and mud.

They say mas’ is a jumbie. It just gets inside your blood. It don’t make sense… For the rest of the year you are not going to take off your clothes and put nastiness on your body and walk down the road and wine on your head and jump with strange men. It requires taking a certain amount of risk. There is that dark, scary element to it. It is a literal journey from darkness into light.from.

soca resources: masala / soca lime / cyan wait / more 3canal / chutney soca mix

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