if this was 4/4 you could call it bleak house

Peckham own giggs is moving with hype. bishop’s son, lover of explosion effects and all round gatekeeper tim westwood had him on national radio here (he starts slow – have patience). people who think hiphop has to have to do with NYC locality might not like – but can we say poly-locality? with a tea-towel. here again with hidden extra limbs (like stitch). jungle bricks are krome and time’s license remix. btw – gigz is gigs is giggs is giggz – oral culture and youtube phonetics allows for poly-spellings with spare scraps sprinkled. like a portion of chips.


giggs – ting dem (wtc license mashup) //


  1. i cant really figure out if theres anything going on here that is even nearly worth the hype
    im really struggling to get into this new wave of gully uk rap tho i think a lot of that has to do with bitterness about how inner city yout dem in london have given up on the rave element in their vocal urban music
    miss hearing riddims getting ridden on the bus!

    things have really splintered, with instrumental, dance orientated funky on the one side and this mc-driven headphones rap on the other. That’s a step back for London imo

  2. yeah i know what you mean – i carry a bit of a torch for uk hiphop tho – and gigg’s flow is emphatic. his style’s nothing new either, but it doesn’t really have to be – i don’t think he want to sound like he’s trying too hard. as for the bus, the rave element will rise again i’m sure – the (male) mcs will go where the girls are if nothing else.

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