Jahdan Blakkamoore – Earthshaking

Jahdan is “one of the most versatile vocalists in the world.” Exclaim

Respect to Maga Bo for the production on this.

BUZZROCK WARRIOR is in stores and online now!  iTunes, Amazon, Boomkat, HMV for digital.

Here’s a list of key US retailers; where you can pick up a physical copy of the album:

AKA Music – Philadelphia
Amoeba SF / Berkeley / Hollywood
Angelos – Colorado
Bull Moose – Maine (9 locations)
Cheapo – Minnesota (4 locations)
Criminal Records – Atlanta
Dimple – Sacramento
Disc Exchange – Knoxville, TN
Disc N Dat – Tacoma, WA
Everyday Music – Oregon (Multiple Locations)
Ear Xtacy – Louisville, KY
Easy Street – Seattle, WA
Electric Fetus – Minneapolis / St Paul, MN (2 locations)
Fingerprints – Long Beach, CA
Graywhale – Salt Lake City, UT (7 locations)
Grimeys – Nashville, TN
Park Avenue – Orlando, FL (2 locations)
Twist And Shout – Denver, CO
Independent Records – Colorado (6 locations)
Melody Records – Washington, DC
Music Millenium – Portland, OR
Newbury Comics – New England (Mass/RI/CT)
Other Music – NYC
Rasputins – SF/Bay Area (7 locations)
Salzers – Ventura, CA
Shake It – Cincinnati, OH
Silver Platters – Seattle / Tacoma, WA (3 locations)
Sonic Boom – Washington (2 locations)
Soundgarden – Baltimore, MD
Streetlight – San Jose/Santa Cruz, CA (2 locations)
Vons – Lafayette, IN
Waterloo – Austin, TX
Zia – Arizona + las Vegas (10 locations)

BD1982 is at the top of my criminally slept on list. Representing the Seclusiasis camp from Tokyo, where he moved from NYC a few years ago, dudes managed to get in with Goth-Trad and the infamous Back to Chill crew while simultaneously cooking up some of my absolute favorite tracks. He’s got a new 12″ that is dripping Xenon.

A. side is Dutty family 77Klash on the gunman tip over the crushing Water Faucet Riddim. The flip is the skittering Space Boots with remixes from some of the the biggest up and comers on the scene the U.K’s Slugabed and Montreal’s Hovatron. It’s hard to describe what happened in Vancouver last month when I dropped the Slugabed mix (Dev79 call it “hyper color style”) since the combination of howling low end fiends and gorgeous writhing Canadians basically led to sensory overload and total black out. If this is the sort of thing your interested in….cop the rest of the tracks @ Beatport Bleep Juno Download iTunes


BD1982 “Space Boots (Slugabed Remix)

More soon from the infatiguable Seclusiasis!



Waer – Drum Cirkill

A heavily syncopated journey deep into drum oriented dance floors.

Waer returns with a new mix! A really strong, undeniably dope selection of beat-driven instrumentals, a bit of West African mysticism/religion/belief, and if this is not his best mix yet, it is certainly his most effective.  You can preview/download the mix here, but head over to Culture System for a link heavy tracklist and more info.


My friend DJ Kiva who teaches at Dubspot with me showed me this yesterday. It’s a compilation of a couple of clips of artist/engineer Theo Jansen’s work in motion. He calls it kinetic sculpture and it’s insanely beautiful.




Spoek Mathambo returns with another miraculous (dark and surreal) mix of dance music from ’round the whirled. Words are a waste of time– do yourself a favor, download and enjoy the mix, baby—like the delirious African in the intro suggests.


Melodic Wonkster

Waer Rock dropped another excellent mix last week over at Culture System, Melodic Wonkster – a collection of euphonic wobble sickness for those tired of the standard wubstep “wub wub”. Waer moved away from the downbeat treaty (or what we called “noir noir”) to a sonically harsher territory; a relentless attack of wobble/wonk that is not only tolerable but very enjoyable, simply because of the constant change up of styles in the mix and the interesting “design forms”/wobble structures the selected producers invested in the tracks.

octa push

I got put up on Octa Push by the hospitable folks of Bristol’s finest BassMusic/Karnival crew Ruffnek Diskotek. After a massive fry up we were listening to some tunes and Octa Push stood out as some serious heat… A few internet mediated communications later- and we have a brief and incredibly straight forward interview direct for DA from the Iberian peninsula.

Who is Octa Push?
We’re two brothers, Dizzycutter and Mushug and we both have been making beats for a while but only started making them together in the beginning of 2008. Started a bit like a joke when our friends at Conspira (one of the first crews pushing bass music in Portugal) booked us for a show. We had to find a name and make loads of beats, it went well and then we decided to take it a bit more seriously. Since then things been moving really fast and we’ve been lucky to play in wicked places!
We did official remixes for people like Buraka Som Sistema, Débruit, Mochipet, Monkey Steak and more..
Our sound has it’s main influences UK garage, bashment, techno, afrobeat and loads of diferent things..

What sort of gear are you working on?
We produce with Cubase SX, lots of VST’s and Midi Controllers.
Thinking on getting some Hardware.
For Live Act we use Ableton Live + 2 Mac’s and 2 MPD24

What are your plans for this upcoming year?
We’re going to release an original 12′ with 3 tracks. 1 with MC Zulu (ninja tune) + 1 with Portuguese/Cape Verde MC Toni Clean.
It will come out on Iberian Records.
Other releases for Steakhouse and a couple of remixes for Civil Music and Enchufada..
We’re thinking of making an album aswell.

Whose pushing the Iberian Sound ?
Iberian sound is blowing up with people like Mr Gasparov, Relocate, Cardopusher, Das Nevez, Buraka Som Sistema, A.m.o.r., DJ Manaia, Batida and more…

Who else are you feeling?
In a bass heavy music tip Bristol is always on the map, producers like Joker, Monkey Steak, Gemmy, Guido, Slugabed are great!
Also guys like Starkey, Dorian Concept, Bullion, L-Vis1990, Debruit, Brackles, Untold are making amazing music at the moment..
Bands like Puscifer, Animal Collective.. blabla we hate listing!

Here’s a tune for  your crates- adroit vocal slicing with lumbering low end beast dragging everything forward with sideways time precision.


DJ Quik & Kurupt – Exodus

DJ Quik & Kurupt – Jupiter’s Critic & The Mind of Mars

DJ Quik and Kurupt’s collaborative effort BlaQKout is an absolutely stunning album. It’s frightening how well DJ Quik makes experimental and ambiguous music (keeping it way 2 fonky!) yet remaining accessible, grounded and extremely authentic. Kurupt’s performance is also on point through out the album, comfortably pushing ahead with personality, substance, and humor.  It’s also worth checking Matthew Africa’s eye-opening and lovingly put together Quik tape.  I am listening to Mos Def’s latest long player The Ecstastic as well. There is a lot of creativity and innovation in these two albums.


Who said man can’t spit? Definitely not anyone in their right mind, because if there’s one thing that can be said about Eskiboy is that he got spits (endless, delightful bars, word to Rapper Big Pooh.) Don’t let “Wearing My Rolex” fool you. He’s disgustingly great, a deranged MC, and unquestionably the king of Grime. He’s made the wise decision to return to making pure grime music again, though he’s unapologetic about the whole “commercial grime” racket, and still dabbles in it. If you have any doubt about, preview the following tracks off the new album Race Against Time, which is probably the most solid album in the UK right now*. Beware of the Skream-produced track “The Olly”, least favorite cut.

Wiley – Off The Radar

Wiley – Out Of The Game

* – I still have to listen to Skepta’s Microphone Champion, Frisco’s tape, Bashy’s album (should I even bother?), Killa P, and a bunch of others I’m not even aware of yet.  I have already listened to Donaeo’s Party Hard LP, which is decent if you are able to tolerate cheesy inflection of R&B, Disco, Funky singing, and the fact that Donaeo is obsessed with the sound of his own name, not to mention the scat singing.

I was gchatting with Rupture talking about this tune and said “It was great when I was drunk on Friday”.  And it was, and everyone else seemed to think so too because they went crazy.  And that’s basically the best description of Uproot Andy’s Amadou & Miriam B’More remix of “Sabali” I’m gonna come up with.  Up now for free DL (along with a blend with some great new Busy Signal tunes) at the big Eddie Stats Ghetto Palms Fader column.  Eddie actually does a sick blend of it out of a new Busy vocal on the Bmore track I “Just Wanna Fuck”.  Hothead! Hothead!



Dutty Artz Represents the World Town

Story Julianne Shepherd
Photography Jason Nocito

Encyclopedic, scholarly and wielding deep faith in riddim and vibes—the alchemy of the Brooklyn-based Dutty Artz crew is completely mystical and slightly awe-inspiring. Its main proprietors, the power trio of DJ/producers Jace Clayton aka DJ/Rupture, Matt Schell aka Matt Shadetek, and Roberto Fernandez aka Geko Jones, are dudes preeminently known for soliciting and disseminating the globe’s bangingest dancehall, dubstep, and cumbia beats. They have explored metropolises, townships and favelas to seek out music in its indigenous state and found likeminded friends in Brazil’s Maga Bo, Montreal’s Ghislain Poirier, and Cape Town’s African Dope Records crew, and when they can’t get to the most outward of dance music’s niches themselves, they have a gang of colleagues to carry the load. When a friend recently traveled to Distrito Federal in Mexico City, Jones begged him to bring back whatever wild music he could find. Thus, when you Google “tribal guarachero,” is the only non-Spanish blog that results. They are archaeologists scouring the globe’s nooks and crannies with the curiosity of scientists, not conquistadors. They are so passionate about the beat, and generous with their knowledge of it, you almost don’t know where to begin the discussion.

Click HERE to read the rest of Julianne Shepherd’s intelligent and sincere article from The FADER #61.



Umalali – Tuguchili Elia (Elia’s Father)

After putting together Recession Proof Wallets, I was in desperate need for some cleansing, something calm and uplifting to refresh my poor, tortured ears.  A friend at my day job recommended Umalali‘s Garifuna Women’s Project.  When I heard this album, I was on a bus riding home very late, and it was absolutely right for the moment— very beautiful and crucial Afro-Caribbean rhythm and voice, tunes are short and direct.

The Garinagu ethnic group, made up of people of mixed ancestry (Carib, Arawak, and African people, otherwise known as Black Caribs) from shipwrecked vessels along the coasts of Central America with deep history of resistance to colonization from the French and British empires. We played this song on Mudd Up! with DJ /rupture, you can listen to the show here.  The West African influence here is so heavy, you’ll swear you’re listening to something directly from Guinea or Mali.

Wiley is still there at the top, even if grime is floating in some kind of mysterious zone, he is captain of the iceberg.  Bless Beats blessing the beats, bad tune.


Out to Dan Hancox on the tweet and chirp and Fiddy with the link.

here are a few youtube videos I have been meaning to post the last few days –


First up, Obama Chia pet commercial – We already know that one of the few growth areas in the American economy at the moment is Obama memorabilia.  So this one comes as no surprise, though it is inappropriate and hilarious – not as much as the kids in Times Square selling Obama Condoms to tourists (“Get your Obama Condoms” and “We got extra-smalls”) or the Obama tees I saw people wearing in DC a few days ago, at the Smithsonian of all places. It seems to be all about hot dogs and ice cream and Obama memorabilia down at the Mall.


Second, SkipScreen – A Firefox extension which eleminates the unnecessary wait time when downloading files from zShare, Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc.  You still get pop-ups from zShare and other host sites but they’re still working it, and if you’re not interested in purchasing a premium account with thise hosting sites, you’ll appreciate SkipScreen.


And last, Mos Def recites DOOM lyrics in a studio.  DOOM’s latest album Born Like This disgustingly good – “Give a MC a rectal hysterectomy/Lecture on removal of the bowel, foul technically,”  “Chrome grown men doin’ business with Anglo Sax’n’em/Lackin’ swing but that banjo’s so relaxin’,” “Villain knot his hair, he’s no Afro-American/If that’s the case, he be a bald-headed African,” and “…don’t know what he sayin’ but the words be funny.”