Get Familiar: Iberian Sound

octa push

I got put up on Octa Push by the hospitable folks of Bristol’s finest BassMusic/Karnival crew Ruffnek Diskotek. After a massive fry up we were listening to some tunes and Octa Push stood out as some serious heat… A few internet mediated communications later- and we have a brief and incredibly straight forward interview direct for DA from the Iberian peninsula.

Who is Octa Push?
We’re two brothers, Dizzycutter and Mushug and we both have been making beats for a while but only started making them together in the beginning of 2008. Started a bit like a joke when our friends at Conspira (one of the first crews pushing bass music in Portugal) booked us for a show. We had to find a name and make loads of beats, it went well and then we decided to take it a bit more seriously. Since then things been moving really fast and we’ve been lucky to play in wicked places!
We did official remixes for people like Buraka Som Sistema, Débruit, Mochipet, Monkey Steak and more..
Our sound has it’s main influences UK garage, bashment, techno, afrobeat and loads of diferent things..

What sort of gear are you working on?
We produce with Cubase SX, lots of VST’s and Midi Controllers.
Thinking on getting some Hardware.
For Live Act we use Ableton Live + 2 Mac’s and 2 MPD24

What are your plans for this upcoming year?
We’re going to release an original 12′ with 3 tracks. 1 with MC Zulu (ninja tune) + 1 with Portuguese/Cape Verde MC Toni Clean.
It will come out on Iberian Records.
Other releases for Steakhouse and a couple of remixes for Civil Music and Enchufada..
We’re thinking of making an album aswell.

Whose pushing the Iberian Sound ?
Iberian sound is blowing up with people like Mr Gasparov, Relocate, Cardopusher, Das Nevez, Buraka Som Sistema, A.m.o.r., DJ Manaia, Batida and more…

Who else are you feeling?
In a bass heavy music tip Bristol is always on the map, producers like Joker, Monkey Steak, Gemmy, Guido, Slugabed are great!
Also guys like Starkey, Dorian Concept, Bullion, L-Vis1990, Debruit, Brackles, Untold are making amazing music at the moment..
Bands like Puscifer, Animal Collective.. blabla we hate listing!

Here’s a tune for  your crates- adroit vocal slicing with lumbering low end beast dragging everything forward with sideways time precision.


  1. yes yes on Octa Push– Sub Swara’s been pushing them for some time. Tracks go down HEAVY!!! Their remix of “Sound of Kuduro” is the one, and “Laika Likes It” is filth as well.

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