The 1 Brooklyn Shanti just passed us this video and download from his Drop it Steady project longside Baldi.

I’m a big fan of the FX TV show Archer. In this vid, Drop it Steady take an episode and chop suey it into their verses creating new strain variant on the idea of copyright pirate video mash ups. Between stuff like this and Autotune the News, I’m looking forward to an interesting and innovative 2013.

Download The Pirate King Theme

[youtube width=”525″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESj164wKc6I[/youtube]

Super excited about this new event, BomBeat, that I am launching with my crew Cumba Mela, and Nickodemus from Turntables on the Hudson.  Its all going down this Saturday, November 24th at Le Poisson Rouge, in Manhattan. Expect to hear a wide range of global bass music: cumbia, dancehall, kuduro, house, moombahton, reggaeton….

We have Jeremy Sole coming from LA, repping KCRW, TheLift, and Afro Funke.

We are going to try our best to get a free EP for ever event. Be sure to check out the first one bellow!

BomBeat EP1 November 24, 2012 @ LPR NYC by BomBeat

I’m fairly sure by now some of you have heard of the mystical magical fun I have everytime I go down to Colombia and a lot of that has to do with our friends El Freaky in Bogota.


Considered by Uproot Andy as myself as an integral part of the network of tropical parties worldwide like Peligrosa, Muevete, Tormenta Tropical etc, these dudes throw down in a really fun 2DJ/1VJ format incorporating animations from the bizarre but genius mind of Fat Suggar Daddy. I’ve partied really hard longside these guys and I’m really happy to announce the premier of the remix to their single La Pongo. Kuduro collabo from none other than Dany F and Bleepolar, who’s recent remix for Subatomic Sound System featuring Jahdan and Anthony B, I’m really happy to add a lil español to the kuduro crate.

photograph by John Carluccio

I was quiet for most of 2011 when it comes to releasing original music. To be honest, I was a bit hard on myself. I’m finally getting out of that muck, and feeling ready now. I’m planning to put out several releases this year, on Dutty Artz as well as branching out to other labels.

Please find details for my first release of 2012 below. Titled Dubious Prey, it comes out on limited vinyl January 30th, then a digital release with additional remixes shortly follows. London label Sticks N Stones is releasing it… SNS a small new label owned and operated by my friend Aramac, and distributed by ST Holdings. Artwork, tracklisting, YouTube and SoundCloud previews – all below.

artist: Lamin Fofana
title: Dubious Prey
label: Sticks N Stones Recordings (Distributed by S.T. Holdings, UK)
date: 30th January for vinyl / 27th February for digital

A – Brokedown City
A2 – Dubious Prey
B – Brokedown City (Aramac Remix)

Lamin Fofana ‘Dubious Prey’ EP 12″ Vinyl Preview – Out  January 30 by Sticks “N” Stones

1. Dubious Prey
2. Brokedown City
3. Brokedown City (Aramac Remix)
4. Brokedown City (Svpreme Fiend Mix)
5. Brokedown City (Mayster & Contakt Rebuild)
6. Brokedown City (La Ola Criminal Remix)

Yesterday, XLR8R premiered the first cut from Dubious Prey, “Brokedown City”

NYC-via-Sierra Leone DJ/producer and Dutty Artz affiliate Lamin Fofana is set to release a new EP, Dubious Prey, the follow-up to his 2010 debut EP, What Elijah Said. The new EP features two originals, including this one, “Brokedown City,” a dark but still active piece of techno with a steady four-on-the-floor. The song’s notably tropical percussion is buffeted by potent synth lines, which bleed in and out of the song, and a barely audible vocal sample that occasionally slips into the mix…

Head over there for the DOWNLOAD.

[youtube width=”525″ height=”355″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwoAJIGoTgI[/youtube]


Commandeering the kitchen at Subsuelo/Gnawledge HQ in LA (thanks G-Notes!) ( foto x Farah Sosa)

8 tomatoes

1 Roasted Red Bell Pepper

1 Roasted Green Bell Pepper

15 Kalamato Olives

1 Tsp Italian Herb Tomato Paste

3-4 Sprigs Thyme

3 Garlic Cloves

2 Olive Oil Drizzles

6 Tilapia



I invited some friends to eat in exchange for a bread-breaking data swap. I’m definitely not on a culinary level with my dude DJ Rajah over at SoulCocina but this is really what meetings should be like. Exchanging in currencies that don’t depend as directly on the dollar really has an intrinsic value in making people connect. It leads to better less guarded conversation and reminds us that if we work together, there’s always more to eat on the table. Here’s my TOP 5  Things I won in the West Coast Data Swap

First up, G-Notes, the guitarist and beatsmith behind the hybrid flamenco act Granada Doaba and all around Gnawledge famalam hit me with a few remixes and edits

a sick Mex with Guns – Dame lo [Gnotes Rmx]  hyper dembow bizness

[audio:http://nyc.duttyartz.com/g3kojones/Dame Lo Gnotes Remix.mp3]

and this touch up of Gotye’s anti-love jam caught me off guard…

[audio:http://nyc.duttyartz.com/g3kojones/Somebody That I Used To Know Gnotes Remix.mp3]

Now my homie, Santero in the Bay Area has been holding me down for a few years now. I was happy to crash at his this time around and spend some time getting to know what he’s been up to.  I learned he has been working with our homie Boogat up in Montreal.. Notice how the cover art is Boogat with the fam all around at a BBQ or somn… home cooking how we do !

(Incidentally, since that convo I’ve been rocking Dos Cervesas (prod by Poirier) off the PURA VIDA EP like its my job)

Santero also just put out a brand new mixtape a couple days ago for Los Rakas’ homegirl FAVI called Flor de Azahar (orange blossom – really the best smelling flower in the world for my money)


Santero also put me on to this Goapelle/Los Rakas Remix I had admittedly been sleeping on. It was featured on Fader and Rcrd Lbl months ago. Be sure to check them out on November 19th with me and Dre Skull at SOBs

[audio:http://nyc.duttyartz.com/g3kojones/PLAY (Los Rakas Remix).mp3]




To celebrate our ongoing monthly Sweat Lodge party series at The Cove in Brooklyn (next edition next Friday Nov. 4th! info below) and to give all you unfortunates who haven’t been able to attend yet a taste of the magic I’ve recorded a new DJ mix.  It’s mixed live on Serato Itch which is something new I’ve been trying out – button pushing based DJing instead of vinyl control records – and I had a lot of fun creating it.  There are some mistakes and in the spirit of human imperfection and because I’m too lazy to edit them out I left them in.  It’s kind of representative of the drunk madness that goes down at Sweat Lodge anyway.  Although I was not drunk when I recorded this I swear.  The focus is on the Dutty Artz fam and catalog with a bunch of new and unreleased tunes and remixes from the crew.  Enjoy!

Matt Shadetek – Sweat Lodge Exorcist Mix by mattshadetek



matt shadetek sweat lodge exorcist

Cover art by Talacha!  Thanks homie!




Friday Nov. 4th 10PM-4AM


Matt Shadetek


Lamin Fofana


at The Cove

108 N. 6th St. Brooklyn NY
Dutty Artz Sweat Lodge Flier for November



Track List:

1. Matt Shadetek – Sweat Lodge Exorcist Intro
2. Tod Dockstader – Electronic Pieces (8): Part 1
3. William S. Burroughs – Last Words With Ras I. Zulu
4. Dj Eridson, Mzee, Kampi Moto – Umoja [2012]  (Remix made Angola)
5. Nguzunguzu – Strut (Lamin Fofana Remix)
6. Floetry – Say Yes (Kingdom Remix)
7. Sorie Kondi – No Money No Family (Chief Boima Remix)
8. Atropolis – Mbria Funk
9. Contakt & Mayster – Korak
10. Contakt & Mayster – Korak (Matt Shadetek 3Ball Remix)
11. Don Omar – Danza Kuduro (DJ Rodriguez 3Ball 2011 Remix)
12. Joelito – Sickhead
13. Antony Santos – Vete (Uproot Andy Moombachata Remix)
14. Geko Jones & Reaganomics – Las cuatro palomas Remix
15. DJ Arafat – 5500 Volt
16. Cajmere – It’s Time for The Percolator (Chief Boima Coupe Decale Remix)
17. Kalup Linzy feat. James Franco – Rising (Cardopusher Remix)
18. Appietus – Miss Doctor (Secret Agent Gel Remix)
19. Maxwell D – Out The Window
20. Dubble Dutch – Mad Loopz
21. Gunselectah – Villa Ghetto (Matt Shadetek Remix)
22. Nguzunguzu – Timesup
23. Robzilla ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore – World Keeps Spinning
24. Luisa Maita – Lero Lero (DJ Rupture Remix)
25. Active Child ft. How To Dress Well – Playing House
26. ASAP Rocky – Peso



Filmed by Atropolis and edited by Erik Marika Rich:


Downliners Sekt – “All I Can Hear Now” from Meet the Decline [downliner-sekt, 2011]


This group prefers to leave their identities and backgrounds abstract.
They have been described by reviewers as a group of unique “possibly Spanish” artists creating their own blend of electronic and rock music.
All their work is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License for anyone to have and share freely http://downliners-sekt.com

If you ask nicely they will probably let you use their music in derivative works.

We’ve slowly been dropping jems out the miraculous mind of Adam Partridge AKA Atropolis AKA the dopest NYC producer you’ve never heard of. His Cumba Mela project has been running for years, burning venues  across the city. It shouldn’t have been a surprise when his debut  album came to us fully formed. Most producers might throw out a slew of remixs or singles  while refining their sound – but the Atropolis sound doesn’t need to gestate 0ne bit.

Atropolis is Lush and humid with a digital veneer that leaves dancefloors dripping. Guest vocalists Anbuley and Noelia Fernandez push instrumentals that could easily  stand alone into synesthesic territory. Future Latin rhythms you’ll play from front to back without having to touch your preferred control surface. Soundtrack to a  sunrise ride home through Queens when you’re not ready for the party to end? We got you. In the North, Atropolis will run all summer. If your just getting into winter, it’s the electric blanket you need in your life. CD and Digital.

If you missed them circulating grab Atropolis’ truly mind melting Rita Indiana remix and original Asi Asi Asi below.

Rita Indiana – Los Poderes (Atropolis Remix)

[audio: http://downloads.pitchforkmedia.com/Rita%20Indiana%20-%20Los%20Poderes%20(Atropolis%20Remix).mp3]

Atropolis – Asi Asi Asi Feat. Noelia Fernandez

[audio: http://nyc.duttyartz.com/mp3s/Atropolis_Asi_Asi_Asi.mp3]

Expect a new mix and few more bits to find their way onto your DL folder before the month ends. His live debut will be at our May 12 Sweat Lodge….

It confounds  me when people use the word ‘leak‘ when they really mean ‘release.’ While I like the ideas of studio engineer subterfuge and secret key-logging and usb stick replicating – mostly your media consumption is fairly engineered. ALL YOUR TASTE BELONG TO US/THEM.

We release the first glistening taste of Atropolis to the cloud world this week. His full length drops 4/26. If you missed it the first time- he’s on some next level movement. It’s been a quiet first quarter at DA- but we’re just mining the data and building the killer app.


Atropolis – Asi Asi Asi Featuring Noelia Fernandez

Last week a link started floating around to DL the entirety of Lil B’s myspace tracks. Notoriously, B made over 100 profiles and filled them each with a few based freestyles. The 2.5 GB, 676 track, multipart collection (and 20 page tracklist)wasn’t compiled by the based god himself though- it is the work of an obsessive completist and digital archivist named Andrew Dickson. I found Dickson on twitter and quickly realized that his myspace collection wasn’t the first, or even the most ambitious of his archival projects. What drives fandom like this? Why share with the world a prized collection that any Master Chef would be proud of? I hit him with some questions to find out.

T: What other completist type zip folders have you created/curated and posted?

D: I’ve made quite a few and the majority of them are collections of compilation & remix tracks. The only time I ever thought someone would be interested, however, was for my first Hip Hop-related one (a Jay Electronica compilation). The first one ever made was for Aphex Twin, but I’ve done them for (as you said) Lil Wayne, Animal Collective, The Velvet Underground and a few others.

T: Why do this sort of work? How do you understand this sort of archive – when obviously anyone could spend hours dling and parsing through the internet. part of the joy for master chefs seems to be chasing down and completing things themselves, ie spending a lot of time on hulkshare and maybe even arguing numbers re: releases/unreleased leaked whatever based tracks.

D: The initial reasoning is always because I want to complete my own personal collection for whatever artist happens to be the focus. I have quite an organized, lengthy collection of music, and the primary focus in acquiring music has always been ‘the studio album’. As I get more into a band, I want to really hear everything they put out, and I normally spend some time searching and researching just where their material has all gone – normally there are loads of studio tracks that were never officially released on an album. Rather than just downloading a bunch of separate .mp3s, I try to compile and organize them where-ever possible. The idea of sharing them with the internet came from the idea that I’m pretty sure most fans wouldn’t mind one, well-sourced download for, say, all of Lil B’s rare myspace tracks. I completely understand the joy that comes with ‘searching’ for secret tracks, but I also understand that in the future, many of these will be lost. Thinking on it now, I guess you could say future fans of an artist would benefit the most from a time like this. Look at Harry Smith’s collection – after the depression, all this old folk music was lost and the only reference any one had was his collection of 78” records.

Hit the jump for a grip of DL links and the rest of the interview

Busy Signal
“My girl yuh no… boring / gwan wine bend over touch your toe ring” – Busy Signal


Busy Signal – Wine Up (Nuh Pop Dung)

File this one under things that make me happy. Busy Signal is in top form and Washroom deliver a gorgeous reggae flavored dancehall riddim entitled Bad Suh. I’ve been starting my sets with this one recently and also playing a few other cuts on the riddim including the Tifa and Voicemail. People in my Prospect Heights neighborhood may have been confused to see a tall red bearded man gesticulating and shuffling his way through the black grimy snow on his way to the subway to the sound of hot dancehall in his headphones.  Anti-winter music.

Dre is one of Sharon’s (endless) nieces and nephews calling “Auntie Sharoooon” through the Solid office. He also runs Shockwave Inernational. They just dropped breaking point Vol. 3. I was driving with Timberlee to the re-opening of Kartel’s nightclub The Building last night and she kept pulling up on Mavado’s “Stullesha” which I hadn’t heard before and serves as a follow-up of sorts to long distance anthem “Stulla” – it’s on Stephen’s “Winnings Riddim” which is just perfect. I was trying to remember the name of the tune this morning when Dre linked me on FB to the DL of Breaking Point- BOOM. Not everything’s perfect though and I’m guessing most people will get annoyed at the break in mix that comes about two thirds through the mix. In my imaginary Jamaica, sessions never went off to Rhihanna or Nelly. But thats the real world music- so if you can bare through another teach me how to Dougie lesson- grab the untracked version. If you want to do some selective editing grab the tracked version.

Flexxx- “Stepping Razor”


Mavado – “Stullesha”


grab the whole riddim pack c/o DZ HERE.  Below are a few photos from a Baby Cham, Bounty Killer, Tanto Blacks show in Portmore last Friday.

family watching Bounty in Portmore


Here is a mono radio rip from a live DJ mix on WFMU a couple of weeks back. It’s jam packed with unreleased, exclusive killer Shadetek tracks! The tracklist is a little rough, but the unreleased joints – opening track “NIC U” and “Pterodactyl” are gleaming freshness not to be slept on!  Look out for his Dutty House EP coming out Tuesday!


Matt Shadetek – NIC U
Matt Shadetek – This Is Love
Matt Shadetek – Pterodactyl
Contakt – Not Forgotten
??? Dubbel Dutch Remix
Matt Shadetek & Lamin Fofana – Sunshine City
Black Ryno – Nuh Take Talk (Matt Shadetek Remix)
Matt Shadetek – Delta
Kingdom – Bust Broke
Mayster & Contakt – Korak
??? Secret Agent Gel Rimix
Maxwell D – Going Away
SBTRKT & Sampha – Evening Glow
Matt Shadetek & DJ /rupture – Sunset B35
Chief Boima – Techno Rumba (DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek Remix)

Repost from mattshadetek.com

Blak Ryno – Nuh Tek Talk (Matt Shadetek Dutty House Rmx) by mattshadetek

My new EP entitled ‘DUTTY HOUSE’ will be out as an early exclusive Dec. 7th on Juno and everywhere Dec. 14th on Dutty Artz. In advance of it I’m giving away this remix I did of Blak Ryno’s ‘Nuh Tek Talk’. The original is on Chimney Records’ Death Row Riddim. Blak Ryno is an exciting new Dancehall artist who came up under of Vybz Kartel’s Portmore Empire / Gaza movement. He uses a lot of interesting eastern sounding melodies in his singing which sets him apart from the new crop of Dancehall artists coming out to my ears. The original was 120bpm which is a little slower than I’ve been playing lately so I decided to speed it up to 128bpm and add some grimey house beats. I didn’t have an acapella so I actually just took the whole tune and EQd out the bass, adding my own drum and bass parts making it more like a mashup than a true remix. I’ve been playing it for a bit and thought it’d be appropriate to share it in advance of my new EP dropping on Dutty Artz. It’s my first time in a while busting out my distorted kicks and badman lyrics vibe in a while, so fans of Brooklyn Anthem may be pleased.
Matt Shadetek Dutty House EP Cover Art Work

Dutty House Cover Art, designed by me

Blak Ryno Artist page:

Chimney Records Label Page: