I’m on a bus right now heading to Boston! Monday night Beat Research party with residents/kind hosts wayne&wax and DJ Flack, guests John Barera and me! Yep, this is my Boston debut! Do come out and say hi!

Enormous Room
567 Mass Ave
Central Square

In some DUTTY BIZNESS, XLR8R unleashed a track by Matthew Shadetek + Lamina Fofana. Matt works fast! He has three tracks on our recently released New York Tropical compilation. The man is a production wizard.


If I had more time I would of recorded street traffic and added it as a bonus cut “BK 4’33” on the new iphone friendly .m4r ring tone version of New York Tropical. Which now happens to be coming out on Nov. 9 – so push back your calendar a week and call it a date.

NEW YORK TONEZ 14 .mp4 FILES OPTIMIZED FOR UR IPHONE SO U CAN BRING DA CLOSER INTO YOUR LIFE. Does that ish work on ur blackberry/android/vertu/nokia?

I tried to post Tonez up on DA facebook but it bugged out about me logging in from Brazil…

who is this friend?

Did you hear that we can drink web 3.0?


CIAfrica is a heavy crew. They have their own thing going on in Babi, Cote d’ivoire and run the sort of international basss weight productions that we live for- along with spitfire lyrics that jump between local concerns and international awareness. Basically they are dope as fuck. It is a huge honor and pleasure to finally see their DA debut up at all the usual spots and getting love from some serious heavyweight DJs, producers and friends.

Various tracks are being loaded to blogs of varying readership- but if you want a little somethin’ somethin’ straight from the elephants mouth….

Head over to bandcamp to DL a copy of the perfectly titled “Epikstar Riddim” from Babylon Residence. This is our first shot with bandcamp- and once we have your email address we’ll hit you with more free music and the occasional update.

DA007 DJ /rupture presents CIAfrica by Dutty Artz

COP THE ALBUM HERE, physical CDs in stores soon


Turntable Lab


There was a meta-data error at itunes- but it should be up ASAP

We had a great session down in the Dubspot basement last Monday.  Dubspot’s own DJ Shiftee and Trouble and Bass’s Star Eyes came down and melted our brains.  Shiftee played an hour long set of full blast dubstep, electro whatever all expertly mangle-ated on Traktor and Maschine in real time.  It was exciting.  Star Eyes followed with an ill set of deep and largely un-released funky, garage, dubstep and grime(!) both from herself and a who’s who of the international underground dance music scene.  I always love hearing her play.   Hit the Dubspot blog to stream or download the two sets, sign up for the Dubspot Radio podcast (which is produced and hosted by me and Lamin) and log on with us every Monday on Ustream from 8-10PM EST to heat up your earz if they weren’t already hot enough in this fucked up heat wave we’re having.

The second episode of Dutty Artz Radio is up! Me (Matt Shadetek), DJ Rupture, Mosholu Park aka Lamin and Taliesin all got together in the basement of Dubspot to all DJ some short 20 minute sets and do the first episode of our new book club!

The book we talked about is Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower.

I chopped the audio into separate parts for your mp3 player pleasure.  We streamed it on UStream although somehow the video got lost. The full chat transcript is after the jump though so you can read back if you want.  We’ll be doing this weekly on Thursday nights at 7PM NYC time (EST) at http://www.ustream.tv/duttyartznyc

This coming Monday we’ll have a special edition after Dubspot Radio which is at 8 (and I also run) with special guests NGUZU NGUZU! YAAAAA!  We’re very excited


Dutty Artz own mr_blakkamoore is ramping up for the release of his new album Babylon Nightmare coming soon on Lustre Kings and brings us this excellent podcast mixtape for a teaser: Global Warning (click here to download). Me and Liondub, who I produced ‘The General’ with contributed a remix of Jahdan’s ‘Songs of Love’ the first single for the new album.  There’s a bunch of great stuff on here including some exclusives from Digital Ancient aka Andrew Moon Bain and a feature from Baja of Dry Eye Crew and Delie from Noble Society.  Check out the post over at Largeup.com for a little bio of Jahdan and enjoy the mix.

“iHop” excels as a futuristic dubstep number with its focus on strong shuffling rhythms, thick bass melodies, and soulful, pitch-shifted vocal sampling on par with UK funky’s finest” – Patric Fallon, XLR8R

“excellent throughout… It’s always possible that he just went so deep into Detroit that he arrived in Africa by mistake.” – Eddie Stats, The Fader

Matt Shadetek – iHop

Earlier this afternoon, the good folks over at XLR8R liberated a track “iHop” from Flowers, Matt Shadetek’s first solo instrumental album which drops June 8th – just a couple of weeks from now. This will be the first time we announce the album on this blog! We’re all excited about Flowers, which is Matt’s most beautiful and light-hearted work to date.  Read Patric Fallon’s review and download the tune at XLR8R.




FRIDAY MAY 21, 2010
171 east bway

Here’s DJ N-RON’s  M-C-M1 Mixtape to get you hype for the free party. Head over to Spannered, where it was originally posted for download link, tracklist, + info.


& from Reaganomics SoundCloud page:

E boi by dj reaganomics

20 meninas remix by dj reaganomics

fuego puro by dj reaganomics

BD1982 has been one of my favorite producers for a minute. I’ve been including his tracks on mixes and dropping them when I play for about two years now. His Spaceboots EP on Seclusiasis was one of the most banging EPs of the last 12 months- and he now has a full length out entitled “Lets Talk Math.” He laced DA with a lengthy interview, an exclusive mix for the podcast- as well as an Erykah Badu vocal version of  “Subtract”.

BD1982 – Soldier (Subtract) 320[audio:http://nyc.duttyartz.com/mp3s/Soldier_%28Subtract%29.mp3]

tracklist after the jump

T: So- we’ve been in touch for at least two years now- I first became familiar with your production through your monstrous “Water-Faucet” riddim, which shows up here as the instrumental for the gun man tune “Shotta Pon da Corner.” Lets maybe begin there. How did you come to work with Two Seven? Were you always planning on getting a vocal on that instrumental? What about “Fresh Air Ft. Syntonics” (one of my absolute favorites on the album) and “Chased by The Rain”- where the vocals take on a more instrument like role. How do you conceptualize the role of a vocalist in mainly instrumental genres? When your djing out are you playing primarily instrumental tracks as well?

B: I had been a fan of 77klash since hearing “Brooklyn Anthem” and sent a message through Myspace to see if he’d be interested in voicing a tune and luckily he was up for it! I hadn’t really planned on trying to get an original vocal for “Water Faucet” intially, maybe just because the “Blueberry Afghani” bootleg remix was making some rounds, but I’m still incredibly happy at how dope “Shotta Pon De Corner” ended up .

More Interview Under the Hood (more…)

Dutty Artz extended family tree and recent Trouble and Bass artist 77Klash has a new leak for us via RCRDLBL with the stream and free download below. Check it out, Klash is heading off in an interesting, deadpan-dance direction. Produced by Sando Khan from Fort Green. BK Bashment let’s get it!

This just landed in my inbox, a big dubstep mix of a new dub tune by foundation artist U-Roy produced by Dub Gabriel. Ming of Ming & FS and Subatomic Sound System teamed up on the remix and it sounds tuff, downloadable below.  There’s also a cool little video with Ming and Emch of Subatomic talking about the process of making the remix and breaking down the remixing process, talking some arranging science for dancefloors and more, always cool to see people pulling back the curtain and helping to share the knowledge.

Dub Gabriel feat. U Roy-Luv n’ Liv ( Ming vs. Subatomic Sound System Remix)-FREE DOWNLOAD!!! by DESTROY ALL CONCEPTS

Friend of Dutty Artz Timeblind also turned in a mix which is a little deeper (as you will expect by now if you know the man) and very nice but not downloadable, you’ll have to buy that one.

Dub Gabriel feat. U Roy-Luv n’ Liv ( Timeblind Remix) by DESTROY ALL CONCEPTS

This is crazy. DJ Kiva is a friend who I met through teaching at Dubspot but who’s been active in NYC for a good while. He’s a wicked producer, musician and DJ. Among other things you may know him from his feature on ‘Underwater High Rise‘ from Solar Life Raft where he played guitar and percussion. He and I worked on this Beaterator project together for Dubspot and Rockstar Games where we went around to a bunch of schools in NYC and across the country and taught kids how to make music using Beaterator, which is a piece of music software that runs on the Sony PSP portable game system. It’s actually really cool and you can make surprisingly official beats on it, on the train, in the laundromat etc. On top of that it has a built in mic so you can sing on your track, play instruments into it, surreptitiously sample people on the train etc. Kiva, being the intensely creative dude that he is, has gone and made an albums worth of music on this thing in the couple of months he’s had it. And it sounds heavy. A particular favorite of mine is his cover of The Abyssinians ‘Satta Masa Gana’ with him singing and playing horns into the built in mic. MAD. Check it below, download it, show it to your friends.

BTR8ION by DJ Kiva

BTR8ION…NYC artist/producer DJ Kiva presents the world’s first album written & produced entirely on the Sony PSP Beaterator. Created while traveling streets, subways, and skies from Brooklyn to LA and laid out mixtape style…Beateration for the Nation!

01 Hollywood Starz
02 Situation feat. Channel Earth
03 Keep the Fire Burning
04 C’mon Y’all
05 Satta Massagana*
06 Bring Da Beat Back
07 Center of the Universe
08 Another Kind of Language
09 Mysyde
10 Era Unknown
11 Altitude
12 Back to My Galaxy

all music written, recorded, & produced by DJ Kiva © Adios Babylon 2010 on Sony PSP Beaterator.
* Satta Massagana written & originally recorded by the Abyssinians