This just landed in my inbox, a big dubstep mix of a new dub tune by foundation artist U-Roy produced by Dub Gabriel. Ming of Ming & FS and Subatomic Sound System teamed up on the remix and it sounds tuff, downloadable below.  There’s also a cool little video with Ming and Emch of Subatomic talking about the process of making the remix and breaking down the remixing process, talking some arranging science for dancefloors and more, always cool to see people pulling back the curtain and helping to share the knowledge.

Dub Gabriel feat. U Roy-Luv n’ Liv ( Ming vs. Subatomic Sound System Remix)-FREE DOWNLOAD!!! by DESTROY ALL CONCEPTS

Friend of Dutty Artz Timeblind also turned in a mix which is a little deeper (as you will expect by now if you know the man) and very nice but not downloadable, you’ll have to buy that one.

Dub Gabriel feat. U Roy-Luv n’ Liv ( Timeblind Remix) by DESTROY ALL CONCEPTS