#Atropolis Drops 4/26

We’ve slowly been dropping jems out the miraculous mind of Adam Partridge AKA Atropolis AKA the dopest NYC producer you’ve never heard of. His Cumba Mela project has been running for years, burning venues  across the city. It shouldn’t have been a surprise when his debut  album came to us fully formed. Most producers might throw out a slew of remixs or singles  while refining their sound – but the Atropolis sound doesn’t need to gestate 0ne bit.

Atropolis is Lush and humid with a digital veneer that leaves dancefloors dripping. Guest vocalists Anbuley and Noelia Fernandez push instrumentals that could easily  stand alone into synesthesic territory. Future Latin rhythms you’ll play from front to back without having to touch your preferred control surface. Soundtrack to a  sunrise ride home through Queens when you’re not ready for the party to end? We got you. In the North, Atropolis will run all summer. If your just getting into winter, it’s the electric blanket you need in your life. CD and Digital.

If you missed them circulating grab Atropolis’ truly mind melting Rita Indiana remix and original Asi Asi Asi below.

Rita Indiana – Los Poderes (Atropolis Remix)

[audio: http://downloads.pitchforkmedia.com/Rita%20Indiana%20-%20Los%20Poderes%20(Atropolis%20Remix).mp3]

Atropolis – Asi Asi Asi Feat. Noelia Fernandez

[audio: http://nyc.duttyartz.com/mp3s/Atropolis_Asi_Asi_Asi.mp3]

Expect a new mix and few more bits to find their way onto your DL folder before the month ends. His live debut will be at our May 12 Sweat Lodge….


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