Flyer says “Abril” but they mean “Marzo” aka this Friday — when Sonido Martines returns to La Paz, Bolivia, after having gone deep with Mexico City sonideros and thrown down some records in Lima. Me, I’m trying to bend my schedule into submission so I can join El Martines for the next big party waaaay up there, 12,000 ft. above sea level. A fan who was at my first La Paz show writes: “cuando el vino la musica era excelente pero la gente estaba fria. Ahora dos años despues todos y todas estan bailandola.” Story of my life; I’m sure she’s right. So I gotta go back… Until such time, find Sonido:


Dutty Artz podcast series brings some springtime treats deep from the Peruvian Amazon via the digger par-excellance, Sonido Martines, who spends incredible amounts of time & energy in obscure corners of Latin America searching out mindblowing music. Brother is far offline. So it’s great to hear that he’s gonna chime in over at La Congona regularly and will be selling some of his cumbia 45s soon…

Here’s his original mix description (en espanol). Which translates to something like:

This mix is a collection of vinyl rips: pure Amazonian cumbia! “El Sonambulo Orientalista (the Sleepwalking Orientalist)” includes songs from the gold and silver age of Peruvian cumbia, with groups from cities like Pucallpa, Tarapoto, Iquitos. Times when the western Peruvians wanted to present themselves via the modernity of amplified guitar strings, folkloric dress, and petro-dollar fantasies…

Nowadays the region’s tropical sound is different: other searches, other standards, the same business… but let’s save that for another post. Enjoy!

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Sonido’s photos (below) show the works of Ashuco. “His paintings can be seen in bars, brothels, hotels, and various other spots around the city of Iquitos.”