February Mixtape Mondays, pt. 1: Rupture vs Sonido Martines


This February we’ve decided to take a cue from our homies over at Okayplayer (as well as a few other places) and do a little crew-focused run of Mixtape Mondays, music to help you kick off your work week!

First up this week we have the Cumbia collabo between DJ /rupture and Sonido Martines: 1100 vs. 2200.

Here’s what /rupture has to say about his contribution:

For my half-hour I used all cumbias purchased in Brooklyn , so it skews heavily towards cumbias poblanas, mexican cumbias, tunes make in the States. Shoutouts include: Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, New Jersey, Virginia, Baltimore, Las Carolinas… kinda functions as a map of where Mexicans are strong in the [Eastern] US!    And on top of it, my boy Diego came on as Sonidero — hosting the mix , doing talkover shoutouts + jokes throughout, in Spanish.

You might have noticed that the above stream is only a short preview. Well, to get the whole thing, we’re throwin it back to the 90’s and making you do a little leg work (who remembers going down to your favorite local anything shop to get the latest mixes from your favorite local DJs!?). This one is only for those in New York at the moment, but if you want to get your hands on the entire thing head down to TACOS ZARAGOZA IN THE EAST VILLAGE, MANHATTAN, AT 14TH + AVE. A on your lunch break. What’s better than getting new music with tacos as a bonus?

Sonido Martines’ half, completely made up of Cumbia tracks off of vinyl he’s collected from Colombia and Mexico, is available streaming on his soundcloud page sans Sonidero style toasting.

NOTE: some people have had problems with corrupted CDs. If you’ve purchased a CD and it doesn’t read well, please go to the original post & leave a comment with snapshot of the CD. Be sure to include your email address in the field (only I can read it) and we’ll make things better…

Next week look out for the highly anticipated mixtape debut from DJ Ushka.

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  1. I just went to Zaragoza but couldn’t find the mix tape! Am I too late or do I need to ask for it special???

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